Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The magic Unveils...

 Jungle Guy  YEP! I'm in a MOST delightful mood.Freakie part of it, is , I shouldn't be?!!

        Lemme tell Ya why. I went to the dentist, today;) Dr, Hitt, actually, HAD me teeth, to be able to try on! Don't get crazy, now, I wasn't allowed to take 'em home, YET- BUT, I got to smile like the Cheshire Cat, I was born 2 be:):)-

         Granted, I'm a bit silly, at times. Yet, I find, that MOST peoples I meet, git a charge outta me:) THIS, is NOT drug induced, it's just , lil' ole' ME! This process, has taken QUITE a few MONTHS! SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo, they have become to KNOW me. I, have never been raw 2 them, JUST THE opposite. {now, most of me life, I have neglected my appointments!!!! NOT, this time:) I, have taken NOTE of ME Woohoo, and conducted my betterment, with me heart, involved. I, kinda think, that me Daddy, is behind me! {GOD rest his soul.} Charlie, was , always trying to better me, fix me, and so on...     It , REALLY upset him, that he couldn't!! Personally, it WASN'T his fault! I, wouldn't let him. NOW, that I have these resound Children, IT, has cast a new found observation, on LIFE! 4 me-

                 Blushy GirlYou KNOW, I used to be a drug addict. There was 'NO,' way out 4 me, at one time. I felt, I was sold, and who the fuck cared?! I, certainly didn't!! I, don't feel that way any longer.

              'I,' HAVE allowed the Magic, to unfold. My EX-husband, is completely PEEVED! One, by one, I am securing the bills, and- actually paying them, in MY name, a name that I feel secure to stand behind! The only thing I MUST pray 4, is, I can't seem to group enough $$ to pay 4 my court fines. THIS, scares me, 4 they can put me back in jail;0 Scared Scared 1. I am making profound progress, yet, that hangs in the hallows, and FREAKS me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

             I have this FRIEND, I deemed, "Lil Bit," and she and I MET , whilst I was incarcerated. Alan, assisted me 4 a week, and then tossed me to the Wolves! 'Lil Bit, {aka Dayna,} shared her all with me, so I wouldn't lose me mind. A year and a 1/2 , later, she completed her stay, and FOUND my #!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We, have been Friends, ever since! She's a LOT younger than I, BUT- she is doing GREAT!  She is inflicted, with the need for the white horse. {heroine} However, she is progressing, with , only ONE relapse!

              When she FIRST , was released, she resided with her Gram. UNfortunately, her Gram fell ill, and , due to her relapse, bid her to leave her home. 'Lil Bit, finally called me, and asked if she could hang here, 'till she secured a ROOM, 4 herself. I asked my girls, what they felt, and they bid her a sound welcome! 'Lil Bit, hooked up, with resound respect, with us, for a week and a 1/2, and provided some succulent hair -doos', as well as R-E-S-P-E-C-T! As a matter of fact, I got her ass into a pool, for the first time in YEARS! She played , wonderfully, with the girls, and conducted herself, wonderfully, the turned BLUE! {it was chilly, that days end .}              Make a long story, a bit shorter, she BUMPED into a LONG-TIME Friend, and he was able to hook her up with a ROOM, she can call her OWN!

               'Lil Bit, has a disability. She was molested, as a YOUNG Girl, often. She took hold of her own, at the age of 15 yrs.old! It is MY feeling, that , due to that recourse, she is , SOMEwhat NUMB, to the act of sexual performance. She , seems to USE it, to git what she needs. Of what I can see, THIS- only provides her with MORE disfunction.Ther is NO WAY, anyone, can find secure progress, if one , just opens their legs??!!!There is NO , sound recompense, just 'cuz one gives up their THANG! NOTHING, substantial, can be embraced, just 'cuz Ya fuck 'em!!!!!!!!!!!

                     She came upon, a Dude, and , upon her meeting, she , actually, FELL 4 him! She took it back, with all the rable rousers, she hung with, and placed her eggs in his basket.SHE, was READY to commit to another soul, hook, line, and sinker! YEP- he was a bit older, but- - - - -MORE wet behind the ears , than she was!

                 As she has moved into HER space, with a FRIEND, that Backs Her UP, she has secued a FULL, time JOB, and has found , another position! 'Lil Bit, has an UNcanny craft, for { fer a white girl:) Raise The Roof 1, to do THE, most profound hair styles, one could DREAM of! She can braid to the HEAD, in fashions, and styles, like one has never seen! The 'Lil stinker, took one of her practice HEADS, and placed upon it, a substatial DOO. 'JUNE,' placed it in his window, of the Barber Shoppe, he OWNS, and had MORE people comment and desire, than one could shake a stick at. However, sir June, seems to find her breasts, DElightfull??! No THIS,as she shared, pissed me OFF, 2 NO END! I, beseeched her, THAT, is NOT your craft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ya wish to find , WHAT , IS important? Keep those legs, CLOSED! As GOD IS MY WITNESS, your actual TALENTS, do NOT reside betwixt Yer thighs!

          " But, Car, he has CLASS, and Money!" she responded. "Then, HAVE faith, and await what you have EARNED, 'IF,' he has so much CLASS- he shall understand, that you could hike his profits UP, by your HAIR talents, not , what lies between your thighs!" "THIS way, you may be able to feel SOUND realization, of your TRUE worth, and gain the respect, that one is "DUE," depening on how they orchesrate  it."

           'Lil Bit, told me, for her ENTIRE life, she has NEVER been normal! She was On Her Own, from 15 yrs., of age! I UNDERSTAND THIS. She posed this to her PO- However, she IS trying! Yep! It, IS scaring the bejapers outta her.She has NOT, been introduced to anything else. But- I WISH to say this, from sincere honesty. She IS, True Blue, and has a resound acceptance of loyalty and promise! She has been SO scarred, and hurt, and her only view on her world, is to hurt , afore they hurt her. I've been there, done that.It sucks ROYALLY!

          As I close for tonight, I ask you to Pray for her, and others you KNOW, are succumb with the same disfunctions, and I KNOW, you Know those i MEAN! wHERE , MORE THAN one , are gathered to announce to OUR LORD, 'HE," Shall bless us with the request we place afront 'HIM." Thank You...

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