Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 4TH Of July;)

 Happy HatI don't usually use the coloure RED! BUT, it's the fourth, so kill me if I dip into many coloures I don't usually:) 

         I, have met a wonderful friend, whom, is, also, writing a book / Journal, on AOL. She has presented me, to, share me book, with others, 'cuz I'm STILL, a bit laxed in my knowledge of the KEY BOARD.

         My girls and I, haven't a WHOLE LOTTA money! HOWEVER, we are completely blessed . THE, funny part of it, IS- we live in an area of our town, where, EVERYone , D-O-E-S! It shocks the padiddle outta me, how, we ARE accepted. I have this knack , for landscaping, and I have made the front of our humble home, QUITE nifty:). N-O-W, Since I left the druggie days, behind, ...I am MOST DElighted, that OTHER parental units, are , quite fine, with having their Children, spend time at our house!

             Ya see, Marilyn, NEVER had time for my little friends ,to come over. I, SWORE- I'd never be like that!! When the Children come, we PLAY, have mudd fights, abuse POPCORN, ETC>! You see, OUR sheets, CAN be washed, and I place the ones we aren't using , at the time, on the floor, to protect our carpet, THEN- - - -JUST WASH 'EM! THAT way, all can have a bit of fun, and my landlord won't blast us;) Besides, THIS, is our Castle. YET- it doesn't have to be nil of F-U-N!

          BACK , to the well , financial endowed. Accross the street, lives a family. NOW, we have been HERE, aproximately 5 years.  Since our arrival, I have witnessed, that, between The Philips, and THE Sandones', there exists a rival, of WHOM, can set off the MOST fireworks! When I first came here, I felt compelled, to provide the pittance of display, so my girls didn't feel like pittance! SKREW- There is NO WAY- I'm EVER gonna , EVEN match the display! HOWEVER,  since my DEAR, friend, asked my help, this morning, and I stated, I'm going to use some "bill," $$ , and grab some works, she asked, "WHY?" "Ya gott the WHOLE neighborhood, OFF, so why spend $$, when Ya don't NEED 2?"         She made GOOD sense!- - - - - - - I HOPE, the Sandons', don't realise, THE 1, whom OWES them $464.32, lives down Da street. Blushy 2 Well, at least, we avoid their lawn!BESIDES, I do NOT dig, on walking on grass, WITH shoes! itbugsme-

          "Simon and Garfunkle," "Hazy Shade of Winter!" The tune , changed. I had a Child, crying her eyes out, earlier , today. She was , DESPERATELY, attempting to git in touch with her astranged Daddy! He didn't ANSWER!   After the bars, ran drier, he decided to call back. OF COURSE- he had a tale! I, allowed him to have it. He , STILL, speaks of his need for medication/ETC., and says he HAS to provide 4 himself, OR- he'd be more helpfull! I, asked him,"IS- there ANYthing WE, can do 2 help?" His response was nothing ANYONE, in a bathroom, would wish to hear!

             The wierd THING, IS- "I," am going through the same metaphisical infirmaties! I, just haven't said anything, NOR- do I require a sob station! I, am ALMOST, sure, that he is using MY infirmaties, as his own?! He stated, "I HAVE, ALL new, furniture!"  "That's WAY cool!" personally, "I," am trying to get new school clothes , for OUR Children!" {isaidnothinglike,what I felt!} He's GOOD,like THAT. Besides, I'm WAY, 2 Honest, with him! The son-of-a-buiscuit, has my heart, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!  NO, matter, what he has done to us...I , always , break down, and offer tender mercies??!

             When the Children and I, observed the "Bombs Bursting in Air," we , also, got to notice, an alter object, "GLOWING," as it passed it's way through  the SKY! Many people, made a sound BET, that- "Give it a few, IT'S gonna EXPLODE!" IT- didn't! I, suggested, we "WISH," upon it, and, we DID! As it continued , beyond , Our eye-sight, THE WISH, WILL, come TRUE! will YOURS"?

              JUST, 'cuz Ya didn't SEE it, doesn't MEAN, we didn't take YOURS, with OURS!

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buggieboo1 said...

happy 4th! we just got back from the park from our fire works! it was quite smoky there! lots of rain before they went off!