Monday, July 16, 2007


I, am in UTTER amasement. LIFE'- is a complete tripp!

         I THOUGHT, I had skrewd up the payment arrangements, with TWO Companies. Come to find out, The LORD, made it O.K.!

              THEN, came Alan, my Daughters Daddy, and he pronounced, that he was getting them "Healies," 4 their B-Day presents?!!  I rejected this with a passion, for I'm NOT in the mood to have to run them to the hospital, every 9 seconds, as well, as, NOWHERE, I know of, permits them!

             I TRIED, calmly, to explain this to him, but , he decided, whilst our Children were on the phone, that their deceased Brother, was conceived from a black man??????! Being the professional drunkard, he neglected to recall, I HAVE pics, of 'Jarrod Leigh Dennis,' before we had to lay him to rest. The photos, inequivically show, 'Jarrod,' was a tiny , caucasion!            He hung up on our daughters, as I went to provide  the photos.

             I am NOT into the practice of consumating with African Americans.

                          Granted, we , are ALL< GODS' Children, however, the scenario, does NOT appease me.

               It's somewhat ODD, that, for one reason of another, MOST lives, that are connected with me, are in SOME, kinda Turmoil??!!!!

       I, am quite exausted, and do not wish to convet, much longer.  I, simply wished to git this on me books' pages, afore I fall DEEP, into sleep. I shall trodd further, tommorrow;)

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