Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's 2 O'Clock in the morning...

...Who knows where, or WHEN, a writer gets her jiggie on, BUT- mine is NOW!

          I just woke from a dream , that was so volotile, I had to come to the pages of my book!! What's EVEN weirder, is, that one of the Top Stories, listed on the welcome page, IS- " The reason behind, Punctual Dreams!" THIS, was in coloure'!

              Now, afore I begin the dream, I Need to say, that the girls and I , are in a BAD, financial way! I completely KNOW, to trust in GOD, 4 HE, had never left us bereft, afore, and, I do NOT, believe HE will start , now.BUT- being a silly human, and being the soul provider of me Babes, I still worry?!

            In FULL coloure, picture the girls and I as street people. It was winter time, and we had MANY layers of clothes on.We were chilly, Yet- quite at peace, rambling about the streets, trying to locate a warmish place with a television set.During our search, we joined a couple of old friends in the same perdicament.

           We found a tasty  dumpster, and had a meal of a lifetime, as we laughed and chimed about what our shopping tripp would include. I remember, that I had a certain purse , I possess, which doesn't fit a lot, but, I had meticulously arranged all of importance, methodially placed within.However, when we arrived at this VERY, compct store, laided with costumes and beautiful , beaded jewelry, the few extra sense / cents, {lay at the ultimat bottom! {what else is new ;)} Blushy Girl It would appear, Ashley, saw a necklace, she so adored, and I haggled with the woman store owner.She saw our poorness, and fell in Love with Ash, so she gave it to her. Then, she noticed I was freezing, and I was oogling a "PINK lace, floor length gown, with black sequins stiched on , neck and sleeves." I tried it on, and my friend said I looked like the old Carly, and that it WAS me! I suppose I wasn't as cute as my daughter, so the store woman, began to haggle ME! "You can't think you'll get everything for nothing...even though you Need it, you're going to HAVE to get something together 4 it, or Ashley has to give the necklace back as well, before I call security!" I'd have died, before Ash, would go without, so- into my precice packed purse, I dug to the bottom, and presented the woman with all we had. She then hurried us out of her store,{which was fine, 4 it was getting VERY crowded }!

           Next, it would seem that Ash and Megan, went searching for food, with a friend. Another friend and I, went to secure a spot with T.V., for the night! It appeared, to be quite important, we find a location with free access to Television??! We came to find  an abandoned I.V. bottle with the introvenus tube still attached. {no needle on the end;) } I , somehow, figured out how to rigg it , so it hung from a special spot beneath my chin, and I sewed the tude, into the Pink , lace sleeve. My friend and I giggled profusely, as we got , some of the strangest glares from those , whom we passed by. The friend, was Melissa, a.k.a. Ya-Ya!  She claimed, it would be EVEN BETTER, a fashion statement, if she were to hold it. IT WAS! OH!, by the way, I had on pink, hightop converse sneakers, with the heel of the one , flapping with a beat! Black stitching, donned the sides! { just last Saturday night, Ya-Ya and I, saw "Stevie Nicks," and, we had a Magical time! It would appear, it tickled us, to realize many others thought we were lovers. -YEARS ago, we WERE!- Melissa , is strength incarnate.PLUS, adoreable beauty! As we left the concert at it's end, she blatently, grasped my hand, and led me through the rush of , also exiting concert dwellers, the entire way , back to the SUV Cupid. I felt, like the world had begun, again, she gave me a tender kiss, afore she released my hand, and we laughed, whole heartedly, as we DElighted in the onlookers expressions.} as you can see...we ARE exhibitionists, by heart Arrow Head Faint!}

                   Back to the I.V. bottle / dream. As our fun was HAD, I chose to lose the I.V., but, it became clear to me, that, perhaps, I should KEEP the tube??!!!  I , momentarily, decided to place it, on a sleeping man, whom seemed to have future need 4 it.

                When Ya-Ya and I found the place with a set {T.V.} there were three black women, whom had the same desire as us, to be able to watch a certain show, one we ALL deeply needed to see?!! In a moment, a 4th cloured woman, appeared to sit at the very end of the bench. Ya-Ya and I giggled about the I.V. bottle and I glanced at the new edition to the bench. She had a latte', and held her head low, Yet , smirked beneath her jacket collar. Being large around my belly, it took me some effort to reach my BAD leg, which housed the sneaker with the floppy heel. I, finally grabbed it, and realizing I knew the latte' woman, made my voice to sound like 'Jerry Lewis.' "HEY NICE L-A-D-Y!," i SCREECHED, flapping the heel, as if it were the one whom was speaking.  Carla, {I used to work with her, YEARS ago, and just not 2 long ago, came to work with her daughter at Burger King }, and, ALL were laughing, "GIRL ,YOU SHOT OUT!" one of the other African American women said. Just then, me Babes and our friend, shown, and THE show, all were aching for, began!We, ALL huddled together, Ya-Ya, produced a found bucket of POPCORN, from beneath her cape, and we watched..."ONE TREE HILL?"... giggling , and content as could be.

                   This afternoon, my DEAR Jen, permitted the girls , their little friend Abby and I, to swim in her pool.I took the cell phone w/me, and ellected to call my precious 'Ziggie,'she is QUITE my heart, all the way back to boarding school, where we were soul/room mates.I took pics of the girls, and she suggested I take a video of the SPECIAL day of UTTER blessings. I, matter of factly, stated, "Awe, I sold it 4 crack TEARS ago!" She literally burst into laughter. I'm tellin' Yas' it just came out! In reading my book, Ya'll KNOW, I used to do MADD drugs. I haven't touched 'em for YEARS, now, and have NO- desire to regress, so...I just , came out with it Be Shocked  Hello  Bravo  Clapping Hands  Woohoo, you see, it was a kodak statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ya HAD to BE there ;)

            It's 3:17 A.M., and, thank GOD, we have Church in the morn.It , would , probably behoove me, to get some rest. I thank you, for being , so important to me, that I write to US! I couldn't, without you ALL! Peace Be Unto... Pony  Operator 


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