Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NOTHING, is what IT seems!

"She's GOT, to be somebodies Baby."

         I've done a LOT, of funkin' around, during me life! THESE days, I'm doing things, QUITE, a BIT differently.

         The , last, two days and nights, the Girls and I, spent, staying at an old and DEAR Friends house. She has TWO boys, { ages 4-6} I believe.  BOTH Children, are riddled with, the O.C.D's, A.D.D's, ETC-DD'S! The Children, are enveloped in love, and therapists, BESIDES, having to swallow, SEVENTEEN different drugs, thrice, daily! BOTTOM-LINE, one , MUST have the patience of a saint, in which to DEAL with THIS, on a Daily Basis! "It's NO-BODIES fault!" THIS- simply appears to be the cards that were dealt.

            NOW- the Mommie, is , semi-drug-free. She , also , suffers from Scolliosis {however one spells it } as well as , "slipped discs, ETC.!" Therfore, she requires some meds.,as well as , she is NOT related to "Donald Trump!" She is MANDATED, to gather assist , from, an Array of assist. Some of the helpers, are difficult to fathom! YET!- she canNOT cauterize them, for, she is in Definate need, of assist.

             During the time I was Blessed to spend with her and hers, I, BECAME, Severely humbled. "IF," I HAD 2 do that , day in and day out, I'd be in "Belview!" As my Children, accompanied me, AND, had a 'BLAST,' they, TOO, realized, we have NOTHING to BEEF about! I'm not quite sure, WHOM, was happier to be home, myself, OR, me Lasses??!!! { I , believe the kitties WERE, THE , Happiest! } They missed us to bits! {get OFF of me, I had me Friend, come and play with and FEED 'em! }

              I'm NOT going to fib 2 U! I, AM, completely EXHAUSTED! In , LESS than 5, I shall plots! In retrospect, of me Babes, going BACK to Camp, the 'morrow, I had a thang or 2, to secure! { JUST betwixed U & me } Hallelluia! Yet, MOST precise, I was THERE, with my Daughters, and we RANG True!

             "WE," were considerate/loving/helpfull/Christian, and , NO matter what it inflicted upon us, we STAYED, and felt a JOY, that Ya canNOT find in a "Speak-Easy!" NOR- can one FIND it in a Mall! I'm, pretty SURE, there's NOT a button, as such, on the remote, EITHER! {Charles is just shakin; his head! }(that's me Daddy );)- "GOD, rest his soul."

             THE odd part of it, WAS' , I, was Actually, planning, Contemplating, taking my Juggular, OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!F-U-C-K, the wrists! 'THIS,' was GOING 2 be done secure! I'm , sick and frappin' TIRED, with the scant fundage, the DREAMS, me Babes HAVE,  and ,I am slighting! 'Marilynn," kept telling me, IF- U R going to have Children, Ya'd BEST, be secure to P-R-O-V-I-D-E 4 THEM!" "IF,  you cannot, Yer a sinker!"

            THIS, May be so??! AND, whom am I, 2 conflict?!! YET- I watched, { from a distance,} the designator of these profound anticts, whom TRIED, DESPERATELY, to 'MOLD,' ME, to what she HAD to give up, spent the berrage of HER existance, RE-Placing , true and Honest joys, with a bunch of fucking lables, she had NOTHING 2 DO with!??????????????  GOD , FORBID, anyone break a sweat!ESPECIALLY, her!{ or me;)- }! Book Jerk Yo  AWE, guess, I'm One 2!You Wish HEY, Marilyn, I've been , continuing to make amends! You SAID / SPOKE, of your intelligence!??  WELL- I am, STILL, attempting to , forgive you! And, DAD-, I , THOUGHT, you were different?!! YET,- Ya , NEVER left me side!! I love Ya! I, always WILL!

             ENOUGH, with the Family status! 2 b hONEST, i'M FINDING , better ACCOMPANIMENTS,  rather than REAME' Ya'll.


                          "Say, 'Good-night, Gracie!'  "


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