Sunday, July 22, 2007

I have no idea...

 Volleyball 1 Sandy Beach   There is NO, WAY, I can, at the moment, figure out, what the fuck, makes people tick! 
           I'm not going to fib to you, I, meself, have a whole bunch of oddities to my Character! However, the rest of the human developement, is , { from what I am Learning ,} have so, Many different ones.

              I went to Church, today, and connected with a MULTITUDE of others, and I was STILL , Heard?!!  I have this Friend, named Melissa, and , she and I , continue to connect. Despite the fact, that, at ONE time, { perhaps two } were lovers, but had NO, recollect , WHY! Fact of the matter, IS- we are Friends, and always will be.  This poor lass, is at the crossroads , betwixed, her boyfriend, and her sons Daddy. This Lass, is Up , Against the wall of her heart and soul. AS- she deals her best, with the 'litle men,' she born, fom other man souls.

               At this point of my existance, I am capeable, to , actually LISTEN to her, as well as, she wishes to absorbe me feelings , cascading from my knowledge, of her l, and her scenario. WHOKNEW??!

            Saturday, my EX, calls , and requests that the girls be left for his watch, as well as responsibility ??!!! He, wished to provide them with their B-Day presents. No Prob.! HOWEVER, he secured, in theirs , as well as mine, that- he is an ongoing putz! They returned , home, with attitudes of ire, and frustration! I, find myself, next time he asks, to say,-"NO!"  It's , Just , NOT worth it. You, most likely, say, " Are you DAFT?" Perhaps I am, I'm simply confused. I, am TRYING, to be a Christian Woman, YET- as ALL times, I attempt this, it smacks me in the face! { as well does it do the SAME to them!!!!!!!!!!!!

                 I, wish to contiue this format, tommorrow, 4 I am EXHAUSTED! Mental  trauma, is tiring, and I, am SPENT.

                                                       PEACE, Be Unto....

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