Friday, January 5, 2007

You tell me!

 Lightbulb IdeaThere is a whole lotta stuff, going on in me life! NOW., I USED to git pathetic, about it, and , completely DESTROY myself!!     I, have reached a space, where, I HAVE found, ..."FUCKING WHY??????????"

                       Just, 'cuz, something isnt going the way I chose it to go, does NOT mean, I must faulter , into a catagory of imbosilicness!  "THIS," is where I am allowed to git UP and Dance! I, may not do it as well as another...BUT, I gave it a shot!

              Club Me 1 

                       "THIS," was the ON going personna, of myself and my   {  husband still, but he lives , elsewhere! } He, was the kind of person, whom was not comfy, unless...I was DEguilded!     ME- like the imbosilic moron, ...put UP with this, now- to find out, he has NO power over me! UNLESS- I give it to him!

                He's perturbed beyond , reason! LORD, this stature feels GREAT!DON'T git me wrong!!!!!! I , still, have much to travel! Especcially, since I require a Plymouth, to reside on. BUT- he took ALl  his excess, to blind me!! he failed!

                        I, have reached  a cunjuncture where I have found a stable stature , of MY own! NOPE- I'm still, attempting to figure out, what , exactly, is going on????????????? I'm just a Carly! However, life, ain't NO joke!!!!!!! The BEST reasons, stagnate me!

         I, Have a sincere /audible honesty, to unveil!              I, believe, my dream is about to come crash!

                                            Kiss my Mother flickin' ass, and-PLEASE- do NOT tell me what to do!!

              I, am having SERIOUS limb/chest pains, lately! I'm NOT tupid! I, undrestand, whzzup!!!!!!!!!!!! A-L-L, has been RErouted! AND, "Everybody Gits High, Everybody Gits low," Sheryl, Crowe!                    "   THESE are THE days when ANYTHING goes!"

       I, MUST appologise! during the fumes to my existance...I left TOO, many , in ceceptable cloudes!I, didn't , MEAN it! I, am STILL- trying to figure out what you meant!JOBIE- you WERE, an artistic DREAM , in the motion! Then , you fell into a RESOUND sentment, of cold/hard/ assholianism!

                      And, JUST, because I have a life to fill, in the morow...AND- I , MUST relinquish my worded sedetive....yer a jerk! You, prompt/display, yourself. Who the fuck cares??!You- USED to be cute! What Ya got, going on NOW??! You USED my Daddy, as you use yourself! BUCK, UP- Jobie, and grow a spine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK, what I transpired, under THE influence! I, said I was sorry! And, BIOTCH, I MEAnt IT!!!!!!!!! wHAT DID YOU ever mean?????????????                  wITH hONEST / good RETENT-WILLOW/cAROLINE dENNIS!

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