Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Holidays are over...here comes the new stuff!

I, am NOT sure , where in GODS' name, this one is goiug. All I know, is I had a deep seeded need, to let the pluck lose!

         Now, as I believe, I shared before,CHRISTMAS- was an ENTIRE blessing! B-U-T, as the New Year, comes into play, AND, I'm all THINKIN' all is so darn cool...Reality shows up, and knocks my ass on the floor.

         All...WAS well! THEN, I found out that my oldest...daughter, has a need for a check up, from the neck up! She got herself, suspened from the Y.M.C.A., due to her raucus attitude, and, since, STUPID ME, decided to invite a friend over for a Saturday evening, which of course, she brought a couple friends, Ashley was aching for a bit of extra attention, the Monday following, and in her E.L.F Group, decided to bare all, and , as well, make up a whole bunch of tales to her teacher!

        Granted, the teacher , gave her a pinky swear, it was JUST between them, BUT, Fortunately, for the sakes of ALL children, called Children and Youth! As I am at work, and had arranged a visit to the dentist, for Megan, by my neighbor, due to her nibbling a caramel, and breaking her spacer, as well as providing CARE for Ashley, the one, whos attitude was abominable, and- I could continue to work... tells me, as I entered the house...C&Y was here!

           I don't mind saying, I AM, trying my hardest. AND- on Saturday night, one of the extras, decided to fall off the chair, and , after I walked him around, put him on his way, SAFELY, and , we THEN , continued on with photographed fun, and , then went to bed.

           THIS- was NOT enough for Ashley. During her group episode, felt the need to lay me out, due to HER fault of getting suspended. Well, she did a GREAT job!

         When I GENTLY asked,......WHY BABE?, she replied," I'm the only one atthe "Y," whom doesn't have a DADDY. " She then, stated, "He TELLS us , we can go visit him, but ALWAYS says "NO," in the end."

         I tried to explain to her, he has a difficult life...WELL-"so does everyone !"


                      So, I took a different route. I said, "O.K., so, what you are saying, is , KNOWING, that I am without a DADDY, to GOD, I , can just quit me job, and lay around , watching Soap Operas, all day!"  "It's not the same thing!," she screamed. "Who's going to take care of us?"            "It's not my thang, anylonger! I don't have a DADDY!" "You can't do that!"- - - - -"SOOOOOOOOOOoooooo, why do YOU git 2?"

            I was told, I'm not playing fair.        "Neither are you.", I stated. SO- I callled for back up. I, am getting her some counseling, and have informed the units, of , what's REALLY , going on!

                                           ...OH!, she faked being sick this morning. I skipped work to be there for her, and took the time to, after I calmed down, gave her feet a pedicure. SHE WAS ASTOUNDED!


           I've been in a disfunctional setting, afore. The LAST...fucking thing that , I feel , is needed, is a tongue lashing. I, provided, against ALL my grains, a sense of UTTER ATTENSION. The gentle kind. By this, I feel, a Better begining, can begin.          I have NO tongue , left!!:) I chewed it off. I'll be darned, if I'm going in a direction, that I couldn't stand, as I grew up with those damn Growing pains!!      After, when we went to git Megan, and , explored her homework/papers, we found a NEW propaganda, offering , "Cheerleading Class, for an hour, cost - - - - -$10.00 per child. "    Make a long story, MUCH shorter, and against EVERY grain of my entity,       I allowed her to call her dad, and leave a message, as , for , this is what she wished.                WE- Still, haven't HEARD a word.

                As I stated, I have reached OUT, for support, from Avenues, that are MORE , qualified than I, alone. I tell you , TRUTH BE TOLD!, I KNOW, what it feels like to be quit on! I, shall NOT back down! SHE, may require, a bit more than I can handle, BUT- she's GOING to  get what and all, she needs!

              Thanks BE- I got to share this , from me HEART. Ya know, MEGAN, reminded me, as we waited for Ashley, to RE-obtain her missing Bookbag, ...Ash, told us to go home...she'll see us THERE! "WE WAITED!" Ashley asked, WHY??,     OUTOFTHEMOUTHSOFBABES, Megan said, "WE...ARE The pwerpuff Girls!" "NONE, are left behind!"

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