Monday, January 29, 2007

As the New Year, begins, I am astounded.

Now, granted, as each New Year, comes upon me, altercations, DO apply. MANY additives, have made themselves, known, and worthy. My job, is going , quite well!   The girls, got their Report Cards, today, and , quite frankly, Ashley, whom was bound for dust mites, has picked UP, in a most resiliant direction! AND, then, there's Megan, whom, I am QUITE able to be present, to observe, "kickin' butt!" However, her teacher, has the unrealistic way of crossing facts!! I sign, each and EVERY one of her TESTS/assignments, as well as to watch her blossom, like I could only DREAM of.

               Back in the day- - - - - - I'd have ripped the woman a NEW crevace. Still, I AM progressing. SO- I orchestrated a proper letter, intricately worded, requesting , NOT only a confrence, BUT- one, which INCLUDES her Principal/latter teachers. I'll be darned, from what Megan , Continues to report to me, that, she FEELS, Ms. Comparetta, has a bad taste for her, AS WELL- as the results/tests/tasks + grades, just do NOT match, and I'll be hornswaggled, if this witch is going to cast a dark mark, on my daughters record!

          - - -I worded it , well.

                In obtaining my mail, at the end of me work day, children fed, schooled, etc.,I find a check! This, seems to be a ORIGINAL DOCUMENT, { NO,} fine print, and , using the web...I find it to be , quite REAL. - - - - -  -I , do NOT know ALL of my Daddys' ways!! However, it would appear, that I have an authentic check, for the amount, of, $ 40,000.00?!

              I, immediately, AFTER checking, said, Thank you, JESUS. Don't git me wrong, I am QUITE, Grateful!! But, talk about HAVING to git a REAL P-E-E-K, at how to go about Dealing with this. There are taxes/loss of Section 8/loss of Welfare/ ETC.! I, MUST requisition, how to disburse it, for ALLs BEST. "IF," I were imbosilic enough to attempt to hide ANYTHING, 'twould be a FEDERAL OFFENSE! (((((NOT- that I would!))))) I, have just , not had the opportunity, to deal with something of this magnatude.    FORTUNATELY, I have a SOUND pal, whom is a SORCERER, at finances! He, is a stable rock, in whom I may place my trust, in providing, PROPER direction. I tell you THIS! MOST of it, after Uncle Sam, will be placed in certificate deposit, for my children!!!!!

               Let's calm , fer a sec. TOMORROW, will reveal ALL! Fear NOT, I shall share with me Precious pages of solace, what pops up!! For this evening, me eyes are spining, and , 10 A.M., Section 8, comes to inspect, to { at least for a few } provide a sound residence for my children and myself.          Told Ya, it was a cool Bathroom reader.

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