Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I TOLD you, I'd fill Ya in...

HERE, is THE outcome, from the $40,000.00 check thang. There is, a person, on the WEB, whom, is having a field day, by snatching up, innocent ,bystanders!! They fill your head with promise, and , EVEN mail Ya, a fraudulent check! Me, personally...threw up, after I received it!  BUT, that's not the jist.

        I HAVE to be honest. I juggled a thousand ways to put the peddle to the metal, and take 'em ALL to the bank!! "I didn't ask for this!", "How can they git blood from a stone?", "I have bills, I shall cash it, -JUST partly, and place the rest in a secure account, and spend the rest of my existance, paying what I took , back." "The girls could have dance classes." FUCK IT! I'm going to turn it in, and say, OH WELL- I didn't REALLY have it to begin with, so , wazzup?        It WAS Fun, whilst it lasted!

          Ya know...NOTHING terrific, comes EASY!!

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