Friday, January 12, 2007

The week, goes ON, and , IT's Just what I think, IF, anyone cares.

BESIDES, going through , some sorta pubescent THANG, with Ashley...I got paid, yesterday. Due, to me being a flagrant softy, and , she, manipulating me , through caverns, I- NEVER knew existed, they cut me hours at work! My check was a JOKE, for TWO weeks of employment! STILL- $120.11, is more than I had in me pocket !

          I placed it, in my backpack, and continued on with my work.

     Having TODAY , OFF-, I tended to my Children, and left the bag on the floor. As I awaite Jen, to get together, so that she carries me to the store/check cashing place, that, charges me $3.00, in which to cash it, I began to prepare. As I went into the pack, NO CHECK was there! I, did NOTHING! No drinking, AND, drugs are NOT a part of my existance!! When they gave us our checks , yesterday, I placed it in me bag, and a woman, kept putting food in me bag. I, am NOT acusing, ANYONE! The flippin' check is gone, and I took the time, to report it to the proper representitives. I, am assured, it shall be reinstated, and mailed to my home. END OF STORY. Almost. This scenario, places a rotten feeling, as I work at my job. Still, I KNOW, by praying to JESUS, I shall walk through it, untouched! Not a word, will I say, and that will be the end. Whoa- I'll NOT allow anyone , in me bag , again. DONE!

            It's the devil. He KNOWS, the routes I have chosen, and he's peeved! I, AM a Christian, and I need NOT, to call upon him! YEP!- once in a blue moon, I masturbate/do things I most likely shouldn't, like invite others whom use me as a doormat, BUT- JESUS forgives me for getting lonely/frustrated and bored. So, I'll keep trying me BEST, and all will be fine.

             For REAL, fer real, I have NEVER, conducted myself, as well, as I do NOW! The  {pardon } FUCK, if, I am going to back out , now!

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