Thursday, January 18, 2007

pERHAPS, i AM A bit ODD?!!

I, wish to logg, that, with all those days OFF - - - my REentry, into work, was QUITE sore! Jeepers, I Move, all day long, but , THERE IS a difference!

           My check, was stollen, from WORK! NO PROB.....I'll git a replacement, in 7-10 buisness days, directed to me Home. The weird part, IS, the ONE, whom I "thought," May have, has NOT shown up at work, the Entire week?!!

           Me Question, IS, if and when she does return...what DO I do???? I'm, NOT in the mood , to flail her. Personally, I'd just be cool, to forget it. STILL, it STILL peeves me OFF! THAT, was $$$$ , that I required for the HOUSE/Children! 'Twasn't a WHOLE lot, BUT! I, HEAR, in Feb., our minimum wage, goes UP to 7 something, per hr.! Whootie -Who.    For REAL, 4 real, it makes the whole scenario, a bit MORE enticing.

          I, Most likely, sound like  a goof. Well, SUE me! There was a DElightful aquisition, that HAD taken place. Each Thursday night, IS, "Ugly Betty "night. This transposed, between my friend, Jen, and I. The show, is a riot! And, Jen and I took precidence, in enjoying the claim we placed , upon her. It lasted, perhaps, "4" nights, and THEY were a gas! NO stupid stuff. Just nibbles and UGLINESS, we happened to Identify with.

         HERE!- IS- THE thing! She drinks to the point of depression/pass OUT, and, it's UP 2 ME, to fill her in on what she's closing the door on??! ALLOW me to be MORE succinct. She can't even git over to me house! She resides, ACCROSS the street!

          My heart ACHES for her, for she has placed ALL her soul, into this dude, 32 years- - - - and , when she got sick, he tossed her, and began a life of his OWN! She, STILL, kisses his butt, for, as she does, he helps her with finances, and , Uses her to do ALL he requires, for him to carry ON.

           I, am INcaPABLE of saying TOO much. It'll peeve her off, and THEN, I shall be DISincluded. WHY- must so much be the ULTIMATE patoff? SHE- is my friend! STILL, I am silenced. Periodically, I spew. We lock horns, and , unresoundly, begin to giggle, for THAT, IS The Only way out!

           As GOD as my witness, I have NO idea, what the WHOLE picture IS! But, Dag Nibbit, I got a slight reason of the quota! What the pluck do I DO, to urge HER to DO What?!! I keep telling her, that The LORD, "if ya let HIM, Will provide." HER, format, is, I can't let John GO! I said, John, ISN'T THE LORD! "He is to me.", was her SOUND response.

                   I'm , MOST likely, the MOST nuttiest person, for, I , am NOT sure, how to detail my OWN existance! Yet- I, am watching a Beautiful PERSON, being swallowed by a Whyskie Bottle?!! THIS, is a woman, whom had a GRAND practice, of CAREING for ELDERLY folk, and , NOW , has trouble careing for her pets/herself?!!                She carts my ass, each time she goes to the store, AND- I OWE her! SHE, owes herself, her life!

                 Awe, fuck it, I can't do EVERYTHING. "WISH I COULD." BUT- I'm just a Caroline.

                O.K., me question, IS,why do I...git a chance to progress? AND, someone else, can't?!!          END of the story!

               My Daddy, my ROCK at ALL of the times, is above. It's ALL up to me, now?!! This fuckin' schitt, is messing with me. I, haven't the code of Da Vinci, and it's messing with, what, due to ME- is all I have left of me MIND! I, am ANGRY and aching! DON'T kill me....I UNDERstand, i have BEAUTIFUL eccentuates, that DEPEND upon me! BUT- THIS is MY pages, and I feel like an IDIOT!-Today. I, fucking ROCKED, at WORK! They cut my hours, BIG time! However, I go IN, with my usual charisma, and ...I make ALL giggle! I, also, do my tasks WELL!  The BAD part , of it , IS, I come home, at a point, where I canNOT , flippin MOVE/nor think.

            i, AM not TRYING TO GET ASSISTANCE, FOR nothing! tHE sCHITT, IS killing me, and me body. I, canNOT stop, for I am responsible for my Babies! The problem, IS, I am Incapeable, of sharing ME, with THEM, for I am in TOO much pain. It's gotten to the point, THEY, take care of THEM/ME??!

             It's about, THAT time! I, canNOT stay sitting , anylonger. BUT- I Thank you, for allowing me to git what I HAD to, OUT! I got this HERBAL stuff, to HELP me sleep, and I MUST succumb to it , NOW. "IF," you can avoid this bunch of UNneccessary stuff, DO IT! THE Party scene, is a plop! IT, Will rob you of all that IS SO cool!

            WHEN, a person in your lives, NEEDS you...YOU won't HAVE it to GIVE!


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