Saturday, December 30, 2006

What a Beautiful way, to Welcome a NEW YEAR...

 Ball DropWhat a YEAR, it has been!  Wakka Wakka

         Normally, I'd be on the pity pot. However, this change time, I am profoundly excited. Granted, I lost my Daddy/a-n-d , Marilyn, BUT, in the PAST, I'd have gone to the plops over it!! This time of surreal predicaments, I have found a ground to actually STAND on!!  There are NO DRUGS , ANYwhere in my life. Now, granted, I still indulge in a beer, here and there...still, it is done QUITE responsibly!

          I have found a job, that I am most tickled with:) It , is, at Burger King, and it provides me with an array of alter job descriptions, which, in turn, make it NOT a bore. Besides, the others , whom I work with , are as off kilter as I am, and we , actually have a blast! I, AM convinced, my Daddy is quite proud, for I have held it, AND blossomed within it, for OVER , three months, and there isn't an end in sight. Yo!, The LORD ain't done with me YET!! For, I doNOT drive, and all is in harmonious walking distance of my home/my childrens school/ my Babes Y.M.C.A.! That, is where they are bused to, after school, so that I may provide.

         These people, INCLUDING the school, are so helpful, and WHY?, is because they are PROUD of the progress I am EARNING, for THE first time in my life.Please, permit me to go ONE further...!  Upon returning from a Beautiful , candlelit Vigil, at our Church, and, after they placed cookies for Santa/Cocoa 2, and, whilst I prepared the Turkey, for Christmas dinner, a school bus and a pick-up truck, pulled up in front of my house! UNfortunately, I pondered , "MUST BE NICE TO HAVE $$$." I, went back to the Bird, and, in a few secs, a knock came upon our door, and BELLS, like ALL git out!I opened the door, only to be greeted by a FULLY CLAD Santa, and nineteen Elves! "Holy Shit!," was all I could pop off with. Then, Santa smiled, and asked, "WHERE is Ashley and Megan?"       "They're asleep, " I replied. "WAKE 'EM UP!", I was instructed. So....I DID. It seems, they put in SECRET Santa wish lists at school, and THIS, is what became of it. HE, and his Elves, marched in , and dumped presents , GALORE, all over our couch!! The girls/ME- were STUNNED! He bid us a Happy/Merry/Health Holiday Season, and bugged out. My children, opened ONE GIFT, marveled at it, STILL SHOCKED, and went back to bed, ILLUMINATED with magical fervor and amasement!

                   Truth be told, this WAS , THE, Most exciting Christmas, we've EVER spent. A couple of days , later, we received a call from , Kathy, at Dunmore Elementary School, asking , IF the children got what they wished for, and were they happy?! "HAPPY?", I exclaimed, they are STILL Rocking!!!!!!!! I explained , how I wished to write a story for the NewsPaper, BUT- she asked me NOT to, for THIS, Secret Santa, one time a year, does this for THREE families, and, does it for the sake of helping others, Worthy, deserving, and less fortunate, and IF- I was to reveal this...TOO,many, would be knocking his door down.I understood, beyond the shadow of a doubt, and , asked, "May I write, Directly to HIM?" Kathy said yes, and that she would make sure HE gits it.

         May The LORD , Bless HE and HIS family, and, may he know how wonderful, he helped GOD!

          Tomorrow, is New Years Eve! My children and I, are Quite blessed. We, have earned Good Friends/People/FAMILY members, ETC! I, shall adore, to spend the Evening, safe, Grateful , and at home with my Family, as we observe the Ball, drop, in a way, I NEVER knew was possible.

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