Thursday, January 11, 2007

I, am IN need of success!

Did Ya EVER have one of those weeks??

            Allow me to get MORE to the point. I have sustained a job, and , actually find it stimulating! However, BECAUSE, I am a single parent, I, have had the need , to, take some days OFF, in order to care for my Children! In, retrospect, they have cut my hours from 20, to 15 hours , per week, and ask me to go home, an hour EARLIER, than I was scheduled for, due to slow buisness, and too , many persons, in the switch shift??!!!

          I've  been behaving, BETTER, than I EVER have, in my LIFE! Yet, with the constant dealings with work/children/house follies, the other day, I invited a , so - called friend, to come , EAT/drink, and play some cards. She decided to bring others with her. 'Twas cool, UNTILL, the dude fell on the floor.

          I, swept him up/walked him around, and sent him on his way. HE WAS BEREFT, AFORE HE SHOWED! Yet, he played it , pretty well! I, of course, spoke to her, and stated my disturbance, in her thought process.

        MAKE, a long story child was bothered , and told the school, of the weekend follies. THEY- reported it to Children and Youth, and, I, now, must go back to assenine meetings, when I COULD be at work!

             No biggie! So what...that I just lost my Daddy, RIGHT afore the Holidays, am caring for my Children, ALONE, and trying to do me BEST! O.K., I made a profound goof!! AWEEEEEEEEEEEEe, I gave all me beer to the neighbor, and now, have to deal with everything, on Tylenol PM, for I can't get a bit of sleep, since me nightmares , just, won't quit.

            I had gone the distance, and found organisations, to help us...INCLUDING, a counselor/tutor, for Ashley, since she is going to FAIL 5th grade, and, now, I'm getting my touchie chewed off. I, shall, NOW, have to delve further, and , coax me Boss, to award me 5 more hours, in order to obtain, "Title 20," so as to NOT have to pay my neighbor, a fee, in which to provide for them, when they are sick, the days , I MUST fullfill my job deeds!

              Granted...I realise, there are lots of Mommies, whom are footing the bills! But, Dag Nibbit- I'm getting to a point, where I , am NOT sure, which way is up??!!!

            I, USED, to go OUT, and let loose on society, to gain a bit of ground for me OWN feet, to reside upon.I, do NOT have the time/strength, these days! SO- I invited a , HalfWay spot, so I could care for the girls/play some cards , too! I made , GOOD food, and expected the same , in result.

           Ya wish to know the COOLEST part of this?!! I, again, LEARNED a SOUND relization, as well as a closieur, to an UNhealthy associate. It's a rotting , pickle, when Ya reach out to someone, only to get USED/andABUSED!  WHY, is it, that SO many take kindness/welcome, for a doormatt??

            It, somewhat, amazes me, that, even , when my daddy was sickly...others , were NOT , very willing to F__k with me! I, MUST buck up! Thank goodness, The Father, is still on me side.I, simply, MUST get a stronger spine! The Girls, are facing some stuff, of Their own. I, am reaching for assist! Still, I wish to share something , with you. SAMPSON- wasn't READY for these issues! I, am NOW, being compared to my EX-husband, whom has cast them OUT! THEY- are PEEVED/ hurt! YET- not convinced, it's NOT, ALL my fault. OH- YEAH, they ARE, reaching their Womans' DAY! Pimples, included~

                 From a woman, whom, was a pischer, MOST of her life, HOLY HOBINIEROS, what a wake up!        Thank you...

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