Friday, February 9, 2007

To A Beautiful Woman...

This, will NOT be your ordinary entry.My life is moving forward, and I am in UTTER Awe, of it's openings!

           This day, I have thrown ALL cation to the wind, and began my Spring cleaning. During the process, I caught dribs and drabs of programs, on T.V., for I have a house guest, whom is , almost 6 months pregnant, without a sound residence, and struggling with a sound desire to become annialated, every chance she gets.

                 I am applying , tough love, and coaxing her , toward , Birth Right/Welfare/W.I.C., ETC.!             Now, here comes the interresting part. We MET- in jail, over a year and a half ago. We were cell mates. It would appear, I had some kind of effect on her, and she sought me out, in which to stand beside her.

             She, IS, making the calls and appointments. Now, I've not much to offer, for I am a single Mother of two. But- son of a gun, she pulls her weight, and, assists me , by being here , when the children are sick, and I can't afford to miss work. Bottom line...she's trying, and so am I.

             We shared , watching , "The View," this morn, and a young woman , age 12, was on, and - talk about an astonishing artist- she blew BOTH our minds! She states, that GOD, pushes her ability. How DARE I disagree!! This young woman, has NOT had  an OUNCE of training!!!!!!!! All, that transpires through her limbs/mind, comes from her heart.Please, excuse me, but, I identified with her, for, THAT , is what is guiding me.

           My beloved , FEW, family members, haven't a clue, wazzup , TOTALLY, with me. However, I am fortunate enough, that they love me, and have been blessed , to see how far I have come.

         The night afore last, the woman I met , whilst I resided in jail, for 4 months, well, we have become kindred friends!! My Birthday, has just passed, and , she brought me the most DElightful presents. Yet- it does NOT end , THERE! On the EVE of my day, she took the girls and I, to a concert , at her Church, that presented a tribe of young boys, in Choir forum. We, were able to observe them , Arrive. They appeared, as your average hooligans. They nibbled their food, for, they got lost, afore their arrival, and NEEDED to EAT, before they perfomed. They , allowed the girls and I to share their meal, and - it was THE most raucous event.                   -THEN...

            We shifted upstairs, took our seats, and observed THE , Most miraculous transformation, I've seen, in QUITE , some time! These , young rebels, led down the isle of the Church, clad in articulate robes, and assembled in a sound manner, that caused my jaw to DROP! AND- if THAT, wasn't Enough...they began to SING, like an orchestra, to The Heavens! Lemme tell you, THIS,       my breath was taken to a better place. It, WAS, Heavenly! The youngest member, was 6 YEARS OLD! This wonderful bugger, got out, sang solo, and walked into the audience, capturing, others that had NO problem, being CAPTURED.

                   I, THEN, and STILL, THANK GOD, my children were there to witness, what all CAN do! From that EVE, forward, Ashley and Megan, have a JOY in their steps, to aquire , BETTER, for themselves. I, am SO, not trying to brag! However, through friends in CHRIST, and a better persona of life, and what it's worth,         I am able to provide these PRECIOUS experiences, for my beloved daughters.

              For SO , long, and , with GOOD reason...I cast the perspective of myself, to the dung heap.YO- I was a cpmplete pischer kid! Yet, I have been blessed, to have caught a sight of prominent observation, to get out of my , own way...and feel the sense of adoration,love, gratituded. Especially, when I am chosen to envision, a miracle, such as the young girl, whom CAN paint. like all I dream to envision.

        MANY, will say, I am a foolish, weasle, to accept the care of a grown woman, aside, me, somewhat alone, caring for , two, Beautiful children. Perhaps , I am. BUT- when it comes , MY turn, to go home, I, am providing  a sound , reason, to attempt my entrance, with my head held steady. My Mother, Gail, "hopefully," can understand this, for she did the same for me, YEARS ago. Only, NOW- can we , BOTH, appreciate the efforts, and the outcome.

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