Friday, June 9, 2006

Yer NOT going to believe THIS!

... I, am, aghast! "Elton," showed up! I , prayed for a sincere companion, and, HE, allowed this to occur! I'm , Not, quite sure, what to do with it. Yet- - I'm astounded, by its possibilities! I usually found, myself , to be, a ROCK , solid BITCH! ......I crumbled, at the mere sight of him.I, could NOT believe he was standing , afront of me! He , looked, SO dapper! He , resembled,, a sound MAN!!!!!!! And, I MUST say, a succulent one, to boot! He was prominent and r0ck hard.To be able to curl around hid tatooed muscles, could ONLY be a dream. Beneath his shirt, formed a tuft of masculine hair, streaming toward the sky, of plush felt! He , used 2 be rounded. He IS streamlined!He IS beautiful! I, can , only pray that he is what he appers to be, from the inside! There IS a chance, that he IS!

          I told him, in NO, uncertain terms- - that you are MINE!COOL? He said YES! BUT- - - - you'll have to wait a while. "I've waited forever," said I, " and I WILL continue to await, Nirvana!

           I, requested, he show himself, to my girls, at The Y.M.C.A., they found him to be a fantasy. He, lifted them up as they woukd be cotton balls, and said Thank you4 the letters! Without sliding down the wall, I obsereved in , utter awe! Plus Pride, for we all deserve a chance.He showed me nothing BUT promise!         I shall inform us of the outcome. And THAT is all I have to say at the moment.

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