Monday, June 19, 2006

Life, mine, and , there IS hope 4 me, Yet... the Summer comes  upon, and I have been SO, blessed , with Camp 4 my children, yard toys to beat the heat, and a few dynomite  friends to boot, I sit, observing, THAT- I don't do ANYTHING, like I used to! Perhaps, this is why, I have earned the established stting of life, that I have?!

       I , am actually, proud of myself, and ....THE fact, that my beloved Elissa, is back in my life, after our split, whence boarding school ended, is one of the MOST joyfilled realities! Fer a sec, I THOUGHT- I might be invading her space, and , just maybe, she was just being N-I-C-E, as , NOT to say anything. I, seriously, don't feel, that is the case. She and I, from the start, had a magical friendship, that I find to be so, for I am ONE side of a spectrum, aned , she, is THE other. We seem to back eachother. I'll give you an example. In boarding school, I , slept on the top bunk, she on the bottom. I would drape my blanket over the side, for Ziggie, IS NOT, one to greet da world, first thing!!!!!!!!!! She'd, after the proctor closed the door, would dash like a lightning bolt, into the bathe, and , THEN, become readied to present herself:). Otherwise, she'd have hibernated!  Me, well, I couldn't have given a fig neuton, and it gave me such IMPORTANT pleasure, to be able to be her veil, untill her time was proper! I was needed, and I supplied her with her needed composiure . I, was important, and "I HELPED:)!" 'taint NOTHING like feeling needed, least of all, to come through with the neccessity.

          It appears,we have an uncanny knowledge, of when to apply, and ----when to fly, SOLO! I, believe, I hear her voice, periodically, guiding me, and IT provides me  with a grasp, of how and why, to progress , WELL! She holds SO MUCH, that I find admirable and promising. She is AWESOMELY beautiful! Her eyes are deep and crystallic, and she maintains a structured body of health and grace. Her laugh, is infectious, and , when she chooses to peek beyond her silken, golden strands of hair, she makes the world, shine.I don't mind, sharing, that, me , being a natural , mousey brownish blonde/red, take fun joy, in dying my own tresses , the magical platinum blonde, that she poses. "NO,"- I'm SO NOT a follower!!!!! It, simply makes me smile, and I can find my own, hypnotic eyes, easier. My eyes , are one of me flavorite features, and I've been told, I'm NOT off base , with that one. God, has given me astounding eyes, perhaps, for they have seen SO MUCH! Well, plus, my creative verve, that lurks beneath them. OH!.....HERS, is PURELY NATURAL! Jeepers, she, is purely , naturally HER:). 'Taint a false vibe in her being!

        She is a teacher, of small people, and she takes LOVING pride, in her gift. As I have spent some time, dealing with my own childrens schoolers....YES!- I have found , SUM, to be OUTSTANDING!      HOWEVER- there have been , those , whom are /were, Wicked, and plainly , more concerned with the pay/summer, OFF! "IF," anyone, THINKS- that a child cannot detect a fraudulent worm for a teacher, "THINK AGAIN!" i'D APPRECIATE TO , slap, the next person, whom discloses, "They're Just KIds, WHAT do THEY know?" You monsterous freaks, THEY, KNOW, more than we DO!" Outta the mouths of Babes." There IS a reason, THAT quote was made.....AND-STUCK!!!!!!!!!

           Bottom line, IS- I , AM, so , very glad, I have this book, to share what I feel, with, people, whom I Pray, can put some of these topics, to THEIR use. At times, I have felt so F---kin' alone, no one could be pondering the things I do?! Gimme a break! If anyone has a heart and a mind, they can't help but to ponder their own sides of the topics I ponder, and "IF," I had been able to , silently/annonnymously, read some lines of another, to share my mind space with...........maybe, I'd have gained stamina and courage, to find, I'M NOT THE ONLY! I've seen WAY, TOO many, whom felt so alone, and watched us all, go to drug headquarters/ETC! With a heartfelt step, and friends , one or two {quality, NOT quantity } we , ALL have more in our pinky fingers, to offer, than Quantum Leap, has in its' entireity. I, MUST go find my floor. We, ARE Loved! including me:)- Peace Out...

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