Thursday, June 8, 2006

I'm just a human.

I had a blast, tonight! I was visted by my Dearest/Oldest friend. As well, as I have my children and their friends, camping out in our yard! My, beloved Elissa, and I, played games like no bodies buisnes, and I ranked my points up higher!              

             I, USED to think, going out to a bar and , actually, getting home...., was a delight! BALDERDASH! I encompass, more fun, over the Pogo skitz, with my friend, than I have located , in my recent days of existance. I , hope she , one day, knows that.

          I've been writing in this book, for a few, trying to spell  words I wish to convey!"THOUGHTS, " as well. I was hoping to see the results, of my mind efforts. It's becoming clear 2 me, that , I won't be able to last too , much longer. This pisses me off, because, for the first time in my life, I have  EVERYTHING to live 4. Yet- the haavock I've put myself through, has crept up on me, and , well, I'd best bow out graciously. BLAST!- I, SO, am NOT asking for a pity session! But!- I'll be dag nabbitted, if I'm NOT going to share who I am, before my pathetic health Ins., runs out! Skrew, "IF," anyone feels that I have NO right to share what is really within! I HAVE made strong and sound progress, within my simple existance. I, was told by the school, "DON'T STOP, Ms. Dennis, you are doing well!" This came , after I returned from my irksome stay at "Shea Lackawanna!" I, USED 2 think, I had it going in a whole bunch of directions. I had it going into the ground. It doesn't matter , how many disasters I aviod, NOR, does it matter, my [thought2be ] cunningness, that, got me, WHERE?

             FACT of the matter, IS- I can't breath/ I can't sleep/ and I can't keep food down! I, sustain myself, from MEGA Vitamins, and a whole bunch of prayers. BUT- - - - - - my Daughters will have THE best I can offer! Hopefully, they'll understand, what/why it IS important, to acknowledge "ALL," whom may be at a lesser turnstyle! Ain't nobody, has it going ON! One, M-U-S-T, make all Roses , come to bloom!whenever, they CAN!

           I, AM a VERY fortunate woman! I, got 2 play with  a lot of souls! AND, I asked a wish, for years.....I wished my breasts to get bigger. As my belly grew, so did me boozies!! The ONLY quirk, was that me beely, grew bigger than me boozies??!! I still, cannot find me feet!

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