Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm NOT as pathetic, as I appear to be.

I figured, I knew me! As a matter of fact, I DO! Still, as any creative whench, I place these , insurmountable hurdles , afront of me?!- On the topic of, "Elton,"  there is a possibility, that , I'm a goof! Whence , he arrived, last Saturday, I acted like  a practiced imbosile! WHERE, was my composiure? For gracious sake, I literally , blasted him with ALL, that was built within me, for SO, long!

         Things are going , quite well, 4 me/us, and I have the need to heap on a whole bunch of UNneccessary plop on it??! "IT'S MY DESIRES!", THAT ARE ON THE RAMPAGE! Just, envisioning him, was , prit near, MORE than I could bear! He stood so regal, proud and , FREE! The world was, NOW, at his designation! "IF,"- he walked the GREAT line. I, could see, he had EVERY intention , in which to do so. His motor skills, were calculated and precise! His eyes, drank in, ANYTHING he wished, 2 a certain degree. NO ONE IS THAT SOLID! Whoah, I got it going on, BUT- I can't , remotely subscribe to any such certainty! It's , just NOT, about that!

             SKREW-, I'll continue, 4 none other reason, but- THAT- I, and my Babies are worth a DEAR amount of coolness. We, little nibblettes, are Rocking The Cazbar! As long as I stay off drugs, and I place the intense NEED, to be patient and , PROPERLY guiding....I will NOT, cause the irreputable damage, my parental units, bestoewed upon me!

             Ya know.....I COMPLETELY realise, how E.J., has a WHOLE bunch of technotronics to build!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has "NO," time, at this point, to address me! Still, I wish he'd call, or SOMETHING! Like, "WHY," show up , here? WHAT, did he wish to construde? Perhaps, my bodily forum, didn't meet his standards?! What Ever! I , could have torn him apart, from  his  resilliant forum! LORD, have Mercy, he is Beautiful!!!!!!!!! His grace and style, are mezmirizing! ......AND, those EYES!

              WELL, "What's 2 BE, will BE!" The only problem , IS- that I'm outta $$$$$, to encure sleep ensurances??!! My Libido/Dreams, rule my shut eye! THE-cool part of it, I've not remembered a near day, for , when I coducted my day, so PLEASING FOR MYSELF, INCLUDING ANOTHER, 4 years!

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