Monday, June 19, 2006

Does anyone, KNOW, ANYthing?

You'd suppose, I'd learn my lesson! Flippin' balderdash, Yul Brinner, had a better idea, than I can come up with! Yep!- I have some pent up emotions, that I choose to unleash on this site! YUL have to excuse me, I'm hideously tired, and I'm NOT responsible for my loggins! EVERYONE, has a straw that CAN be broken, and mine is WAY, past due! I have thrown on some tunage, that reminds me of the later years, and it makes my breasts , extend! "Things can only GET better!"

           I, am an enormous fool! On Wednsdays , at three o'clock! I, seem to become enveloped, by my emotions, and I could kick myself in the gludious maximous, for , forgetting substantial lines of giggling material. I HAD it planed and, calculated, YET- I missed a point. I , ACHE for a worthy companion, in which to share my cosmic brain waves with. "You are my Obsession!"  "I will have you, YES, I will have you!" Dear LORD, it's Monday!

           Ya know, I heard on/from, THE Blue Collar Comedy Tour, the fact , that , besides drinking I.D., there SHOULD be , fashion I.D.!  I agreed, up untill the focus, of , people over the age of 15, should be, banned from sporting shorts/pants, that involve the Statements, such as, "Baby Lush/ Juicey." I agree, prominently! HOWEVER- I have a pair of shorts , that place the subject of, "Baby Girl!" A woman, gets to dream, can't she??! Besides the fact, that, they FIT! OOOPS!- my BAD- mine say, "Bad Girl." No wonder they STILL fit:).

            It would be , in my/OUR, Best interrest, if I were to lay the mind/body DOWN! But, HEY!, it was a GREAT release. TANKS!

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