Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Just a few things, I'm wondering about:).

I'm not sure, what anyone can get from this , so called, RANT?! I know , for me, it's just has to be said, 4 me.A few days , ago, I clicked the WRONG THANG, on the computer, and all went to the CAN! I explored ALL aspects of "Tech Support," to NO avail! However, I remained gregarious, and pulled this returning Rabbit, outta a hat:). I kept it , UP in prayer, and without ANY training, figured out how to secure me portal, back online. I feared, I had lost the book:(. BUT- That wasn't His plan:):):). NOW- "IF," I could ONLY get it to be Public?! I began in a private journal. And, BLAST, if I was gonna REwrite it all!

          So much is happening. My, so called friend, Lynda, has turned out to be a Vodka swilling fibber! Silly me, I Thought, she was semi-o.k., BUT!

   Alan, my husband?, slammed me with a bomb, well, THREE! The first, was, he's most assured, going to jail, 4 he has court, May 23rd! DUI/No license/ETC.! Then, he staes, he has three months to live due to lung cancer! 3rd, and , most likely, NOT last- it's NOT lung cancer, but Emphasima, where he will require an oxygen tank at all times?!    "WHAT THE....." I mean, PLEASE!

       Now, granted, I possess weird quirks of my own, but THESE kinds of calculated attacks, would NOT be issued by ole, weird me. I'm just trying to keep my head/heart, in a possitive direction. Mind you, it's a task, from time to time! Awe, who knows why, some do what they do?!

           On the lighter side of "Doonsberry," I continue to make some profound progress. Thank God, 4 music! One of the many, COOL things, that has occured--would be that my tub[bath], blocked up! Yep, I hear Ya, "WHAT IS COOL ABOUT THAT?"Well, it goes like this. I began to orchestrate a defense upon my Landlord. I CANNOT get tossed from here!  So- I THOUGHT, it wasn't my fault, that it was a result of their poor plumming?! I had addressed them a month and a half ago, about it, and I was visited by the she landlord, with a bottle of "Gel Draino," tucked beneath her arm, under her attitude."THIS can't be good," I surmised. SO------I dabbled with it, long as I could!My plunger requested a VACA! As the problem grew, I called "Roto Rooter," and , come to find, the darn plug was my hair that fell out, for a multitude of medical reasons, and, was ACTUALLY lodged in the sink?????????! The dude named Leigh, [my husbands/ middle name], not only freed our BATH/SINK, but provided me with a lot of righteous talk that was utterly beneficial! I paid the man, and EVEN coughed up the rent to The Riggis'. INSTEAD of stickin' it to 'em, I came out on the better side of the reflection, and earned their praise and appreciation.   whoknew?  "Tax Man," has begun to play,which prompts me to get back to life, and locate our State refund, which is in holding.       Thank you, 4 listening, as I go to "Pick Up The Pieces." B/B/S- Peace Out...

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