Thursday, May 4, 2006

Did I miss something?

I, am certain, I missed something , along the way! Lately, I've been dealing with these characters, that are MORE warped, than I am! "What THE...," truth be told, I CAN be a pain in the ass! Still, liars, flippin'fume me! Muthas', you can't shoot from the hip, then DON'T take  a knife to a gun fight! Telling fibs, is, in my opinion, just a cowards stand! Ya give a bloke a chance, and the bloke comes out , smellin' like no one wanted the bloke , in the first place! What a rotten reality!

          Permit me to give Ya's , an example?! Not, TOO far behind, I had a "cellie." She agrivated me , THEN, and , she's gotten worse, after she located me, in the REAL life?! God help me, I , actually believe she believes her own stuff????!Needless to say, I cut her off. HOWEVER, my husband,?!, is doing the same vermine?! NOPE!, I am NO angel! YET, I'm, at least, trying to progress. Pardon me, 4 blowin' me own horn, but, I'm doin' QUITE a bit Better, than I ever was?! LO!- I still, have QUITE a ways to go! But, heck, does anyone have a spine of sound promise?

             I convinced myself, 4 2 many YEARS, of a bunch of lies, to where I thought "I", was THE icecream! GIMME A BREAK-    I'm about as succulent, as a pickle! For REAL, 4 real, the trees, have been here, eons longer, than we foolish humans!SO!, how DID we, all, become so grandios??????? Let me specify. Take a GRAND storm. WHAT, do we humans do? R-U-N, for shelter! WHAT do the trees do? STAND, and remain! O.K., some, [veryfew,] land on a house. YET!, Most, still have a cool story to tell, if anyone , ever took the time to ask/listen! When I spent 2 1/2 trs., in State Pen., my tush was busted, constantly, for talking to this , ONE magnificent tree! Every time I passed it, I had a dandy convo with it! Upon my release, a woman, whom I feared would extinguish me, at any sec. of the day, wrote me a note, stating, "DON'T say ANYthing, but you had a great tree friend!" "It talks 2 me , too!" "The birds, say a lot, TOO!" "Don't come back, you don't belong here!"I, proceeded to relinquish my food, into her locker, 4 I wouldn't need it. She FIRMLY, stared a hole through me, and said, "take that s__t, outta my locker, for you could get me to a place, I don't wish to go anymore!" I removed it, and placed it , in the middle of the floor, ..........the rest was up to Him/them!

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