Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm just gonna let loose...

I'm not in the mood to sheist anyone! I'm enamoured, by life and what it prevails! I, warn you now, I'm going to curse. I'm , about to lay upon you my thoughts and , I'm not holding ANYthing back! THIS, is my release, and NOT yours, unless you identify! "IF," you do, then, I'm sure you will be glad that someone wrote it.

            These days, I have been gorging on a whole lot of bullshit. Still, I have encompased  a sincere amount of couthe. However, this night, has presented an astounding realm of focal points, I , was WAY not ready for! As the warmer weather begins to encompase us, ALL come out to play! Being a Mother of two women, I , understand , the virtual need , to release my girls into the world, so to scrape their knees and fall down, afore the times when they can actually , crash and burn!!!!!!!! NEXT THING I FIND----is, my daughters have rounded up a slew of youngins', and they wish to skate board , from the top of me house??! I came to find, they dug my lights and music, and thought me to be cool?! SO----- I join

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