Monday, May 22, 2006

A most wonderful turn of events:)-

Ya know, I've been ejaculating a whole lot of grime?! However, today, I'd appreciate to go in a different direction. Now, life, on lifes' terms, can, at times, be a real pest to swallow. Yet-yesterday, my daughters and I , made a scarey change, and took the risk, to relocate our place of worship.We , simply, cannot get to our, Most beloved Church, from where we live, and the astounding woman , whom provided us with rides, has needed to alter her roots, as well.Still, we have attended THAT Church, all the days of my childrens lives.

       Our rooted community, stems from the Dunmore area, and ,GOD, plays a significant part in our lives! So, we took the jump, and attended the new gathering place:). I was underthe impression, that services were at 10 O'clock. So, we WALKED in glorious pride, that WE were doing the footwork, and upon arrival, found that it began at 11. "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!"We were joyously greeted by friends, my girls go to school with, [which lessened their fears immensely,] and invited in, for a Eggs/Bacon/Sausage/Pancake/Juice/Coffiee breakfast!!!!!!!!  What a delicious opportunity, in which to meet with, and nibble our way into our new family??!!

         We were resoundingly greeted and accepted, into this parish, AND came to find a couple , whom USED to frequent our previous Church, and a few other , familiar friends, to boot:). The Pastor, "Fred," was a delight , especially , with the childrens time with him, and our community roots, deepened. Thank God! My girls, may be able to join in their outing , of White Water Rafting, and we will be THERE, on June 3rd, to HELP raise $$$$, for the excursion, with a car wash, held by Our Church. A little give and take, don't Ya think?!

         By the way, at the childrens time with Pastor Fred, he Picked Megan, to HELP him do a skit, in order to secure the message he wished to convey.He asked her to securely plant her feet into the floor, and NOT 2 move 'em!!!! Then, he placed a piano stool, aproximately 4 ft. away, and asked, "WithOUT moving your feet, how will you go to set upon the stool?"She was at a loss. He asked her to gather suggestions from the community. "JUMP!", was one of the replies. "NOPE," "THAT, would be moving of the feet." Another woman, simply offered the idea, of ASKING someone, to move the seat closer! BRAVO! THAT, was what he wished to hear, so he enabled Megan, to pick one person from the congregation. SHE PICKED ME!NOW- I had just paid a visit to the powdre room, and the belts of my dress, fell into the waters:(. I sported a large , wet spot, on the back of my dress! I didn't let her down. I arrivd at the front, hands behind me back, as to fold the extra cloth in hopes, no one would see, and placed the stool, RIGHT under her bottom:). Red Faced, I returned to my pew. The ice was now broken, and we have HOPE, afront us:).

           Later this Sunday, their Dad, arrived with the child support, and was in Quite a foul disposition. He awaits jail time , AGAIN, come Tuesday. That is his hearing date.I shall attend, and , Thanks Be, I took the time, with love, to TALK with our daughters, about what they may be feeling about this possible turn of events. Ashley, sorta-kinda wished to spill, but needed a push. I offered her MY feelings about the whole scenario, as I watched her relax with wide wonder, and release her own. "IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!"---was the main thing I needed to convey. She accepted it , and allowed herself to move forward. As did I!

         During the sermon, Pastor Fred, shared a VERY important assimile. "When one goes camping....what is one of THE most important rules to abide by?" ANSWER----"When one leaves the sight, one MUST leave it, BETTER, than when one found it!" The circle of LIFE-does NOT begin/NOR end with me!Consideration of , those , whom were before, and NEVER to belittle , those , whom WILL arrive next! One of me FLAVORITE facts , the Indians held SO dear!!!!!!!!   To me, I choose to hold the Indian belief, in HIGH admiration, Right next to God. Peace Be Unto...

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