Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Connections? ARE they real??

:)- What the .....,

           Connections! What exactly are they? I met this dude, come June 25th, 2006, we'll have been Married?, 12 years?!  What a dasterdly JOKE! I , have come to find out, he is a profusive FAKE! THIS- is one of my MOST dibilitating IRES! I detest FAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! If one, cannot shoot from the hip, GET LOST!  YEP- it's Alan.  This profuse imbosile, has got the nerve , to plague me with MY faults??! Tid-TURD, best get it REAL, when I HAD to go away for a short spell, he passed our Daughers, off on barmaids, he hooked up with, LET ALONE, STEPPED ON THEIR FACES, WHILST i GOT TO CONVERSE WITH THEM, FROM , my assylumn! Thank GOODNESS- I'm a Hippie, ause, I'd flatten him, and have a GRAND time doin' it! To ensure $120.00 per week, as Child Support. his penis ain't that special! He does NOTHING FOR THESE  Children! N-O-T, that i'm , anything immortal! However, he took NONE thought, for their needs, 'cept to pay them off! God HELP me, it sounds like me Dad! He didn't cuddle, EITHER! He'd just hand out a few bucks, perhaps a check or 2, and FEEL, that was all it took?!

                      I'm, somewhat irked/confused, for WHEN, The Lord, Blesses us with the responsibility of KIN.... are we NOT, expected to use our hearts and souls?! I mean, Ya got this heffer, making his MARK- on the BAR scene, rather than placing his priotities on the gems of children?! AND, this stiffens his rodd? I, am completely different! Here I go, getting bruitally honest. I used to do, horrible drugs. My, Dad, had bets with his friends, I'd N-O-T, make it past sixteen! Rather, than interceed, he just placed bets??! ---------Guess what? I am STILL winning:)- I, am 42, and there is hope 4 me YET! I'm NOT going to fib 2 U! EASY?--------N-O-T! But, I'm wrighting to you, now, aren't I- Yeah- not a whole lot of lives, are simple! B-L-A-S-T.......one CAN win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya just gotta git yer mind, into the WHOLE! "WHAT, do you wish?" WHAT do you want?" "WHAT, ARE, you willing to go for?" ARE you worth IT? I'll bet me bottom dollar, that you ARE! YOHE!----- I didn't say it was going to be an EASY, joy ride! Ya gotta have a spine!

                I have NO veins left, because, I killed 'em , from unrulie administrations of "intervenius drug use." I, have watched , others, become enraptured into the "hole," that, would N-O-T, let them out! "IT," is an actual MIRACLE,- THAT i WAS PERMITTED TO RELINQUISH! but i did it!, AND- NObody, can coax me back! I watched, as women , put up their babies! HOW devistating, is THAT?                There "IS," Hope!!!!!!!!!!!  I , have this cool house, life, promise.......and, all hope, is at my disposal! I , fucking did it! AND- so can you!      Yeah, we can all, piss and moan............ get a grip! "IF," Ya wish for something REAL- then, YOU , Will, go and git  er done! Get off The Cross, someone, somewhere, sincerely needs the wood!           Git 'er Done-  Willow-xoxoxoxo

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