Friday, May 19, 2006

What I think, IF, anyone cares...

I , completely understand, how , we All, HAVE OUR LIVES! I'm , simply getting dumb founded with mine?!There is so much 2 do! It's , kinda likethe circle of life. It, doesn't stop, nor begin with me.

         This morn, my children were accepted, at school, for "Throw back , "Flash Back Friday." Just a jot, this is when , one dresses as a Hippie! I, AM, a Hippie! I took joy, to think they did this 4 me, 4 they knew I had the costumes:). I, also, took the joys, in weaving , into my daughters hair, false roses. She looked dynamic!! And, she felt that way, 2! The other daughter, was, as usual, persnickity, YET- she dug what I orchestrated, as well.

           There are NO, perfect parental units, ANYWHERE, ON THIS PLANET.However, there ARE, those , whom give it their ALL! I wish to applaude those , whom give their best! I, was subject to  parentals, whom did what they could, YET, for their own purpouse.NOT mine. That, cut deeply.

        This May 27th, 2006, Megan, will become "8" yrs., of age. She is aware , that it's my Flavorite #:)- Wanna know why? THE # 8, always has a friend, and , if you follow its composiure, it does NOT cease!

          Last Sunday, their Dad, stopped by, with the "Child support." He SWORE," he'd call and check upon them. Now, each day that passes, my oldest daughter, cals his favorite BAR, for he neglected to pay the Cell Phone bill, and , THAT is the only aspect , for how she can connect w/him????????!WHAT THE-----! She is painfully , realising, that he is a liar! YET- she takes it out on me. This morning, she took a stand, and as I questioned her, she spins around, and states,"He promised, so when are you going to fold, TOO?"

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