Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hey Now...

HELLO, Everyone. HELLO, ME! Sometimes, life throws Ya side-winder shots, one, LEAST expects!

         I thought I killed him, again. It would apper, I didn'T. After a month of mental/soulfull tarnish, Elton called! It would apper, he shall join me for coffiee, tomorrow morning. WHOA!-

                 I was prepared, to lay into him, like NObodies buisness!  BUT- I didn't. I GUESS, I am learning, to, just, shut UP! I Thought, I had handed him THE loaded gun. He SAYS, I didn't. Purrrrrhaps, I did NOT, for , he's still a free man. "IF," I did, he's a WHOLE , lot swifter than I! YET- he chose to touch base with me, again, and , "IF," I did, I am praying' , that , because I gave him the money , with and in love, it , just MIGHT, have urged him to capture, what it is like to be LOVED, and, yet, Another realm of wishing to stay away from the devils crap! Sometimes, hard as it IS- it takes another to back Ya UP! { NOPE,} I am , SO NOT, trying to take presidence in , some sort of miraculous assist!  ALL I can say, is , THAT, he is still OUT, and , he called me for coffiee!

             Thanks BE, to GOD!

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