Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Cleaning/Planting:)-

 I'm GassyTee-Hee-Hee       Someone, get me A ladder. Well, peoples, I have been going hogg- wild, in the Spring cleaning thingy! THE, hardest part, is, that I have included my soul, as well! I tell Yas', I wouldn't wish the cleaning of my mind, on ANYone!!!!!!! It took me, a LOT of courage, to even take the stairs.

              I chose to MAKE time, today, to provide myself, a slot , to where, I could touch my precious pages, WITHOUT, ignoring my septic duties of house/chores/responsibilities.  Toilet Reading Cowgirl:)-

         Sheet, don't Ya just wish Ya could do this , in an actual BOOK?!!  Wait untill Ya see this! Dragon never mind, it will NOT allow me to put audio to me book:( NO biggie!

            I had to exhale, fer a sec. Friends, I , did the walls/closets/ pictures/ETC! I've, even begun, landscaping. During and For , The Easter Service, I kept a bit of funds , to purchase Hyacynth, for names/ and L-O-V-E, of those , whom I will, Always Adore!  Yet, it's, Still, TOO frosty, in which to plant them, so that they may become perrenials. {perennials, are flower Bulbs, which produce themselves, each, and Every Spring! } I felt, they would be a MUCH, better comendation to the souls, in whom they were founded for, than , some stupid, INconsequential other, that I could provide! "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." We, ALL sprang from the dirt. So- allow me to let their spirits continue. I, included, Gail, Charles, Anthony,Jarrod,Nonny/Poppy,and the Still here entities, that chose to wrap their arms arond me, for , WHY, that's their Thang.

             I had THE, most DElightful revelation happen, yesterday. My beautiful daughters, arrived home with their Report cards. They have gone, from, horrible, to OUTSTANDING! I, am SOOOOooooooooooooo proud of them! The WEIRD thing, is, "I HELPED!" whoknew?-

            Last night, tired as ALL get out, I rose from bed, to go out and make sure, I  took Note and RE-checked their loggings.            "The Black Crowes," are on, with, "Remedy!" The band , always Rocked me.

           O.K., I'm back- at least, part of the time. Belly Laugh NOPE- I NEVER said I was normal! I NEED a remedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEP!- I'm one fucked up , individual! So sue me. Perhaps, it's cabin fever?!

                 Perhaps you recall, I mentioned , Elton. STILL, haven't heard a word.BUT- I got an UPDATE, from the county jail! Some whench, in there, says, she sold E.J., 12  sandwiches, {bags} two weeks ago. ALLEDGEDLY-    THIS, IS, when I gave him monies for clothes/gas?! HEROINE! How, in GODS' Name, can ANYone, get OFF on that shit????????? I, tried it.  Yer genitals itch, like a bugger, and Ya can't finish a sentence, afor NODDING OFF, in MID_STREAM! YES!- I still feel , Partially responsible.  But I'll be dag-nibbitted, if I'm going allow it to flatten me on the couch, again! I gave him a tender chance. ONE, of trust and sound beliefe'! NOT my bad!

            Friends- LIFE, ain;t no continuing picnic. Sumtimes, it gets bumpy!!!!!!!!! Big, Fargon Deal! Get Over It!  Years ago, I could NOT. However, NOTHING, GOOD, comes EASY! As many songs , that are on the radio, stating , this, that and the other...."Fleetwood Mac," STATES- "But, I am giving this one a try!" "It WILL be different, and Ya know it WILL!" "I don't have to tell ya,But, Yer the ONLY one!"

                  ANY, confounded human, can THROW UP THEIR ARMS, and , say UNCLE! TRUST me, I was one of the BEST! Then- I looked in the mirror, and couldn't STAND, the reflection!!!!!!!!! If I was going to be able to brush me teeth, I HAD, to do something a bit different , and , go in a different direction. "EASY?"- fucking , "NO!" There are mornings, that I FEAR, even getting outta bed! THE, COOL thing, IS, when I do, and I stay standing, i think me boobies grow. Embarrassed ! I , may not do ALL things , RIGHT! B-U-T, I'm making progress.

           Lemme put it to you, THIS way. I was a confounded druggie/alkie! I, had a Sound realm, of thinkin' , "I had it goin' ON! " and I used , EVERY chance I could muster. AT THE TIME- "NO," one , could have convinced me, I could go without! Yet, { o.k., I still drink beer in my home on the weekends } but, not a drug, has taken me prisoner, since I said , FUCK THAT! Love Song    


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