Sunday, April 1, 2007

"She comes in coloures, EVERYWHERE!"

I , Used to THINK, I had it goin' ON! Point being, I was to intreverted, to explore, anythin, BUT!

         As you will , please, recall, I spoke to you, of, "Elton." WELL- - I, was a jerk, "perhaps." I handed him money, to obtain "gas," and "clothes!" THAT, was Over a week ago. Peoples, I haven't heard a word from him, SINCE.

           I, am worried, for, the LAST time, he took such a pause, he landed back, behind the iron curtain. THIS, will be the THIRD time. I felt , as to be an anal canal, for "I," gave him the loaded gun, to score the drugs, he seems to be enamored by. "I was TRYING to help!" However, I was told by suggestion, to have gone WITH him, picked the gas, and HELPED , choose the outfits. THEN, scoot! "WITH THE CHANGE IN ME OWN POCKET!"

             Elton, has not , YET, spoken to me, as of a perished soul. PERHAPS, he's cool! Perhaps, he's busy?!!  PURHAPS- I should focus on the good!!? However, I, have a Feeling, I skrewed up.      "Guinevere!"

           As my chidren and I, attended Church, this morning, as the shorter ones romped ledgidibly, the , Older ones, shared, in SOUND session, the FACT, that - WE, all, have some of the SAME ties! The tears, ran DEEP. Hardly, ANYone, of us, left, with, UNswollen eyes, nor souls! THE ONES- whom THOUGHT, they were above others, perhaps, better, FOUND- "WE," are NOT, so far appart!

               It, matters, NOT, What one wears, NOR, the tag that lies beneath it!! It, Matters, the Heart, and WHY, one has it BEAT! TOO, many, feel, it's the price tag, with which one clothes it??! THAT, IS "NOT," it! Whoops, I'm begining to state:0 I, suppose, it's my turn, to say , GOOD-Night.

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