Monday, April 16, 2007

I, would suppose...

I'm a bit UNsettled, this evening. Tomorrow, I get to have the rest of my , UPPER teeth, removed.  {Now, Don't git me warped- - BUT... } The rest, of my physical sagas', are weighing on me , TOO! I tell Yas' , WHAT, though...this weekend, I threw down like , I could NEVER have done , a , few years ago.

              TornadoFor the MOST part, I have been a fiendish PLOP! I, have made , a RESOUND practice, of escaping EVERYTHING, substantial, for , it gave me a head ache.  I'm not, COMPLETELY sure, but, "Paul Simon, said it well! "  He, sang, "Grace Land." 

           NOW- I'm not much. BUT- I, just spent an entire weekend, with my girls, and their friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that , can eat MORE than I could, in a week. They, insist, on being  ENTERTAINED, at ALL volumes of , EVERY moment!! S-H-I-T- I, thoght I was an ENTERTAINMENT junkie Crazy  Guess, I've been FLAGGED! Marilyn, N-E-V-E-R, wished to hold a GALA, UNless, the digs were ?proper.?   PERSONALLY, I couldn't figure , it. IF- Yer havin' fun, who the fuck CARES, what the bathroom tissue looks like??????????

           YEP- I'm goin' through a bit of , medical issues! B-U-T, I'll be darned, to CARE, what the lable in my underwear , say! AS, LONG, AS , They're CLEAN?!

          Purrrrrrrhaps, my observation, of LIFE- is a bit, OFF Centered. However, DUE TO MY OWN, observations, there are MANY, MORE , NIFTY altercations, that , MEAN, a Whole, Lot more, than the darn tag!

         I have , had a profuse NEED, to walk around with Grace and Style. It, "IS," an Inner, thing! Tomorrow, fucks me UP, enormousely. THERE IT IS- , "I," am a hypocrite.

           Ya KNOW- it's NOT, due to the missing teeth! BALDERDASH- it's the fact, THAT, I won't be able to , STOP- the spit, that IS, going to fly at , unwarned persons, , just 'cause, I wish to SAY, something!                Shall I take the Dentist, Prisoner?? NOPE!

           Ya know, it's , somewhat, difficult, to RAISE, TWO Children, when , MOMMIE, has no fucking teeth! Bugger-

            There have been... these companions, in my life, THAT- I wished to , Throw my Arms around, and share the S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H with! I'm, in ALL actuality, TOO, FUCKING  short, to do it ALONE. My boobies, aren't even HUGE! My A-S-S, is, though. I, keep placing, all these HOPES/DREAMS, in the hands of jack-offs???????????? THEN- - - - - - - I get peeved, and , drop 'em on their heads.

           WHAT A BRAT!

               THE FUNKY THING about it, IS, I'm, actually, quite a profound entity! SO- WHY, do I Keep putting up with such bologna?!! Ya know, I, Really, have NO RIGHT, to Blast Marilyn. The FACT , IS- I continue to recall her, as I listen/observe!  I, also, convey HER begining, as to WHY, I, EVEN think / consider , her. I'm, PRETTY SURE, she, STILL, could give a perp!          "Life Is A Carnival."

           The Parental Units- WERE, SO CONSTRUDE, on their PRIDE, of "How Much It Cost!/How Many Credit Cards, they had / AND, there WAS, that fucking LABLE?" FACT, of the MATTER, "IS," there is SOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo much MORE!"

            "IF," THERE ARE, Others, whom can , find, BETTER things, to be concerned , WITH? I, "Bow," to you! I'm , somewhat, coming , BACK, from the trauma, that I was bequethed with. I, "CAN," Tell you THIS!       "IF," you REALLY WISH, for ANYthing, to come out , best  Ya can-     { Hugs/Love /Sincerity, is something, MasterCard, can NOT Buy! } Ya wish to do, somrthing worthWhile?, "Git-R-Done- and , get back to BASICS! }""""""""

             "The Hurdy-Gurdy Man, came singing songs of , L-O-V-E! "


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