Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just something I thought of, on the way out.

LIFE, is a profound set of arrays!

            ALL- of mine, I challenged it!! I, walked about, on EVERY aspect , I could git me feet on! I really meant no harm. I, was just an angry , young ,BRAT!In "MY," opinion, I earned the right.

             Now a days, I have found, there IS, SO,Much more! However- yet I have Yearned for the BEAUTY of it , ALL, I am dieing.I can't POOP , properly, and I throw up blood, every chance available?!  They have "Depends," for those , whom can't hold their bladders. I, require them to HIDE the BLOOD, that seeps from my boodie-butt.

          THE thing, THAT , REALLY pisses me OFF- IS, I have construde a household, that, fucking ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, have finally, constructed a place, where, people wish to visit! TornadoBUT- now, it appears, I, have to leave it??.THIS BOOK, is all I have left."IF," it helps , ANYONE- then , I am vindicated. The pictures, on the walls, the essence I plagued the neighborhood with, I don't think will be forgotten, FOR THE PROPER REASONS. I, finally did something RIGHT! UNfortunately, a bit too late. THIS , does NOT have to be YOU!

YOU- can enduce this , precious existance, afore you get sick!!!!!!!!!!!!Whatever. Dragon WE- are NOT alone! There are so many others, that adore you. THE trick, "IS," Ya GOTTA adore yourself! If  Ya don't- - - Yer a twerk! There IS a circle of LIFE! CowgirlAND, if you DON'T CHERISH    it, Yer a fool! I, am NOT trying to lecture you! It's just something I HAVE learned.


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