Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Here come those dreams , again.

Yes , in gosh,darn , deedy, the last of my sleep frame, from last night, was an ONgoing dreamscape.I believe, I am aware from where it stemmed?!! During the changing of the season , many different transformations, are TAKING PLACE! Revelations, have begun to take their courses!

             First of all, SPRING, has Actually, Sprung! This has urged me, to begin yard work/care, and readjust my Whole life-style.The girls, have begun, "Softball,choir,Girls Scouts, ETC>! To be quite, honest, I don't know whether I'm coming, or going.

         The next, Elton, is STILL OUT, and housed in a 1/2 way house. Yet, another man of my choice, to ravage me with head games!! Not only has he roped ME, into his mind fucks, but has taken ,"EarthMother, JUDE," into his "Dungeons and Dragons Trilogy! :(  SO- the dude, I thought / hoped, to be mt final boytoy, has informed me of many GLITCHES, that take place in the fullfillment of this focal point. He's even taking NON - PRESCRIBED pill meds, for his , so-called, torn ligaments, and THAT, places him in a precarious situation of dire straights for himself, and, The Girls and I!  heavysigh...

          Here comes the Lighter Side Of Doonsberry.Alan and I, have been , somewhat speaking. As it stands, he is serving me with Divorce Papers, which, for MANY, Great reasons, I have decided with joyfull GLEEEEEEEEE, to sign!! THIS, will permit us to , within aproximately 4 months, be FREE from one another, and just be good friends, whom happen to be eternally attached at the children.I SWEAR to you, it feels like a thousand pound weight , HAS, been lifted from my heart and shoulders!

         Now, I will be free, from adultery, in a few, to, perhaps, find a companion. What a delight. However, at this point, I'm MUCH older, a bit out of my old body forum, and carless with two , Beautiful Angel girls. "SEXY, HUH!" Tee-Hee.

         SO, in the later part of mt slumber, I was faced with a dreamt saga, that revealed , Quite a bit of shuddering occurences.

        "It began, a whole bunch of us, in veritably cool frames of free mind, gathered. We were having a dandy time of galas, and cautillions.I found myself, to be close and kind, with each, YET- as the "PROPER," festivities  awakend, those, where our children were Most permitted to, {picnics/gardenings /campings /cookouts...the berage of family orientated activities, ONE BY ONE { girl suiters /boy suiters } began to try to tripp me up, a sort of exam/challenge, to suite me , "IF I EARNED IT," with the proper companion?!! At first, I did my UTTMOST best, plagued with the stress, of NOT failing. It seemed, I simply wished to find ONE of the suiters, that I could call my own! Yet, the tasks they deemed, just KEPT ON, becoming harder and more frequent.

         Now, Peoples, I don't mind a good challange, romp, BUT- simply because I am alltering ,MANY of my characteristics / mannerisms, I STILL- have a Rebel Streak within me, that will NOT be squished , easily! Granted, even though I have made pronounced progress within me person...I still have much to do.

         Make a long and drawn out story, a bit shorter... it got to the point, where, "I'VE HAD IT!"  i STEPPED BACK, AND ADDRESSED THE ENTOURAGE. " I wish to tell you all something. With ALL that has been making itself know, in MY life, I find your challanges and  games, are , in the least bit, degrading!" "We are all trying! And , lonliness, is not a twin of desperation!" "SO- I suggest you get off my back, we go BACK to having a nice time, and  , those , whom think they are the judge of me, best judge themselves, FIRST!"

                 This , was a very calming way to wake from the drama, I had to play with, for hours. Hopefully, when next I dream, more fun, WILL be had by ALL>

          To regress a tad, Alan has found himself, a new / better apt.!  He says, he shall be moving in, This Friday. He has rented ,actual furniture, this attempt around. He wishes for the girls to be able to visit with him, more. He SAYS- he's swilled down, with the intake proceedure. He stays home more, and , that he's NOT seeing anyone. "You bitches are a pain for an old man like me. I have my job and my cats!" At least, I had the dignified  blessing, to wait UNTILL we hung up, to giggle profusely:)

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