Friday, April 20, 2007

You , tell me...

 Lightbulb IdeaMy life, cascades onward.       I fricken did it! I, faced , ONE of my biggie fears, and tackled the mother!

          When I was in my Daddys' care, I had teeth pulled. Since, he HAD , substantial INSURANCE, I was gifted, to be able, to be put to rest/sleep, as the proceedure was done.  THEN- I awoke, with a buch of shit in my mouth, and  , a serene pause of recouperation. HOWEVER, with my Bodaceous Ins., THESE days, I have faced me fear- and had 'em ALL/Top ones, yanked out, and I handled it! Tornado  "WHO KNEW?"

                 I have noticed something. Since I gave into this proceedure, and am dealing , quite well with it...I am connected with , what's REALLY , ones TRUE Beauty! It's on the INSIDE! SKREW da teeth. Some kind friends, have told me, they can't , Even notice. Perhaps, that is because, what is REALLY, "me," shines from within?!! Bravo        SUMMER, is approaching. AGAIN- my family, has been BLESSED! Since I have been making, continuous progress, {or so they feel }, we are being given, a GRANT, so that my Daughters, may attend , Camp, for the , entire Summer. THIS, will provide them, with a sound, structured Summer, and , another, that they may look back, upon, with pride and joy. Not , TOO bad, for a short, white woman with small breasts. Flower .

                 At the moment, they , are "Snug - a Bug, " sleeping with , TWO Angels, and Cool Dreams." SO- I took the opportunity, to orchestrate some feelings, that chose to take a Siesta, in my mind. A-L-L, of the laundry, is DONE. The house, is DElightfully straightened, and, I even squashed the dish-duty!

             During the BETTER durations of weather, in the , past, few days...I, even paid loving attentions, to the outter grounds. I, am NOT ashamed to say, that, I didn't do 1/2 badly! Even the aminals dig it!! { didthatonpurpouse } We, have a bunch of Babies with furr/feathers, that seem to adore to hang out, I feed 'em, and, at times, simply sit in the yard, and talk with 'em, best I can. It WORKS, for  speak from and WITH , my heart. Due to the promised weather, for the UP-coming weekend...I, shall be in Nirvana! I, L-O-V-E, putzing around the yard!! YET- ANOTHER BLESSING...

                 YET- *I took a time to call my husband:(. It would appear, I caught him, taking some kind of walk. We spoke!  He has told me,that, I should WATCH for paperwork, in the mail. " Could you be a BIT, more, specific?"  I asked. "I'm divorcing you, for financial purpouses," is what he said. "WAY cool." I replied. I think I peeved him off. "I've got , THIS, going  on," "and THAT!" Rest assured, it's ALL, MY fault, Again?! "Well, IF- there is anything we ca do to help, let us Know."W-E-L-L, "THAT," just IRKED him, further. SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo, he hung up on me.

           It's getting , Late. I, am Quite tired, and , IF, I am to make ANY sense , at ALL- I should , MOST likely, try again, at a later date. However- I , AGAIN, Thank you, for providing me with the OUT-let pages, that calmed, the , savage beast in me:). Love Letter  Blow Kiss PEACE OUT-

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