Monday, November 27, 2006

Just a mere thought process...

I, had a GREAT day, today. What I am curious, of, IS, why the fuck do I continue to dwell?!

            I am making , some resounding , leaps and bounds, within my life! Still- I get my self, all wrapped up in segments of plop??! I'm a bleeding  heart, that should be slapped!

         Allow me, to be somewhat , more, dirrect. Alan calls me, this evening. He states, that he shall have , two kittens, in his possession, come Sunday. ....I couldn't HELP, but to point out, that, these furry children, need LOVE, {which he knows NOTHING about, and CARE!}                "Calling Elvis, is anybody home."

           I, also, stated, "I'm going to be buck-ass honest." "I canNOT allow our Children, to his apartment, in which to enjoy these kittens, WITHOUT me, EVER, again!" He, proclaimed some stoute adjectives , at me, and asked, WHY? "Well, your choice in sexual partners, need be taken into DEEP consideration!" PLEASE, allow me to state, inequivically, I, am NOT a saint! However, I'm NOT banging , ANYone, and I, fer sure, aren't applying them to the Children!

         "IF," I am inconcise, with this train of thought....someone wake me up! However, I'll be dag-nabbitted, if I'd allow some woman, to call MY wife, to ask her to help me , protect her from my psychotic husband!!!!!!! I told her, quite simply...."Ya REALLY need, to lay off the booze!" Social drinking , is ONE thing. Sound , and repetitive slamation, IS, another. "THIS," is why, Ya'll can't git -r-done! Talk about , Yo-Yo, action! He, doesn't enrapture this , either.

        Please, I , am NOT any kind of a gem!!!!! Yet, at least, I am attempting, a strategic line of thought dirrection, that allows me to ...come OUT , hopefully, nearer to the top of the pile. YEARS, ago, I'd be acting awry, such as they ARE. Thank , GOD- I am reaching, NEW plateaus, I , figured, I had NO chance of meeting.

               Whilst I was at work, of my CO-workers, made a statement. She , wished, to Major in psychology. Yet, she withdrew, for, she didn't feel, it was worth it, "YEARS included.", that all THAT effort, was, worth, "HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?" Which, we ALL know, are ONE of the flavorite questions, possed upon us, during a session. "LIKE, the FUCK, I haven't ASKED , myself, THAT, 4000 times!" Lemme, add another, INescapeable factor. AFTER, they bring one, to the pinacle of , some, height of DEEP, mental trauma, and , Yer delving..."Well, our hour has laspsed. We'll take this UP, NEXT week, at 3:15 P.M.!" I'm so darned glad, you REALLY cared, the check is in the mail!

          I'm sorry....if I have left Ya , but- I have to go to bed. Besides, this isn't YOUR's MINE!

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