Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm tired, but , I am still breathing.

I, Must apologize, for my ,former logg. I, was hurt and Angry. I, am short. And, I am still searching for truth! I'm , NOT going to fib to you...I was plotzed, as well. However, that rightly makes no difference. It's MY book, and if you do not wish to come in, then, that's on you!

           I, have spent , way, too much time, on escaonig all reality, in some of THE most ironic ways, possible, for a WHOLE lot of years!Still, this is me FIRST Holiday season, I have come upon, without my Daddy, on the planet. One, would find this to be less aggitating?! Farfigneugon, now he can see all, I hid so well!

           There is NO espcaping. Fact of the matter, IS, why did I? OH!- like he didn't realise? He, DID!Shit, lemme tell Ya- my daddy , lies at rest?!! at the bottom of my hill, of , where I live with the last of our family.I have a son. But- I don't think he can orchestrate another son, for, I paralized him.He has the YEN, but , not the delivery:( I have Gail/Stormie, to latch on to. B-U-T-, from afar. Me, poor cat, is getting sick and old, to have me smother him in relentless shows of mauling affections!

        Look. I am NOT trying to plead pissant! THIS, is me first adventure of , sound attempt, to furthur meself. I, have a job...I am , actually fullfilling it, but - holy-hobinieros-this way of life is QUITE foreighn to me.

           Let us take, Thanksgiving, for instance. I got deadly ill, two days, afore. I had a temp., of 104.8. I, was a bit OFF beat.Still, I cptured The Lords' grace, the night , afore T-Giving, dressed the Turkey, and - - - -got up at 5ish, and placed the Bird in the oven, only to fill this "small," house with the fumes that would have gagged Rumple-Stilskin. I, came to find, my cat, "being spade," obtained a woody.I, had trouble breathing!

        Point being, we searved up , a MOST , Tasty MEAL. To, where, my EX-husband, had NO part in, skrew my illness! I, covered mega bases. At the end of the FEAST- - - -I required him to hook up the dishes. - - - - - - - - - kiss my .....go blow y0urself, is ALL I had to say.

            Gentle women/men, that are paying attention to this bathroom reader,....I , MUST git some sleep. THANK you, for taking the time to EVEN peek!

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