Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just a note-

I have GOT to go to sleep, SOON! The fact of the matter, IS- I ache from the inside. This human being, is a tripp in herself! However, she has a pulse and a heart, that beats soundly.

           I have so much to offer. Yet- I am so flippin' wrapped up in what is felt, I become to be squished, mentally/ emotionally. Tomorrow, I must rise earlier than I wish 2. So , that my girls can swim like champions.Megan, is quite content at the fact, that she can hold her own in the water! I, do NOT blame her, for I cannot even fathom the sight of drowning! Burning, gets me goat, as well.

          Yep, I AM short! However, I am in continuation of stature. Those girls, are following in procession, VERY well.

          I have these neighbors, accross the street. They have , more $$ than GOD! For, some odd reason, just cuz they know I have , what most would find to be Nothing- simply , because I have lit my area a bit, for the Holidays....they, for the first time in three years, clad their house , like nobodies buisness??!!!! Awe least , I turn mine OFF, by 10ish.On off days.They , have obtained this snowglobe, which they choose to leave on, ALL day , long?!! WHY?, I haven't the foggiest. For instance. THIS evening...they are NOT home. Still, they are lit up like a Christmas Tree in HEAT! WHY, the jaunt?

              Allow me to be , MORE specific. Two years , ago, they put in an INground pool, accompanied by the entire , back yard emporium! I, had, my usual puffy pool, and a few toys. Their child, during the instalation, came, and was welcomed.YET- after the completion of their thang, NEVER once, did they invite us to invade their new found aquatic pleasures!

           Two years, after- - - -, "Carly, do you wish to come , and swim?" ................"Awe, thanks, BUT- it's a bit , too deep for us!" I, just can't figure , everyone! This crap, reminds me of Marilyn.At least, she didn't allow me to grow to 180 lbs.!, at the age of 9!

             Wanna know, something that assists me to continue, with this Burger King job? Besides, the fact that I , haven't crashed and burned, as of yet........I'm getting , a WHOLE kick, outta the fact, that I haven't the need to kiss , ANYONES ass.I do , the best , that I can, and for the first time in me life, I actually, shut up, fer a few.UNTILL- I find the NEED to EXplode. Thank GOODness, it comes at a time, when all are as tired as I am. I, am finding, that the BEST one-liners, are , BEST delivered, at an ironic point of suppression.I, ask your forgiveness, but- those facial expressions, come into formidible play, whence possitioned elloquently!One of the masters, almost made a BOO-BOO.Timing, is , of , THE Uttmost personna-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          YES! I, believe, it's time to level me! I, Thank you, for allowing me to spend some time with you. Peace Be Unto...

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