Friday, November 3, 2006

In, somewhat. of a state of shock...

There is SO much, going on in my life, right now, that, I allow it to warp me a bit. HEY!- I USED to think , I was Wonder Woman... I , simply don't, anylonger.

        I have begun, and NEW job, and, {laugh if you wish,} a big deal to me. I'm gonna put it on the table! It, is "Burger King," and, the throng of UNending thrush, is whoopin' my ass. Ya know, I was on the waiting list , for SSI! However, I was denied, and , IF, I don't kick butt, we go hungry, Bow-Bow_Bow!!!!!

         The fanatical part of this, IS, no matter how much it depleats me, I fuckin' DIG that I , have , secured  another day , under me bely, and, I have a hoof UP , on Alan. Is THAT sick, or WHAT?! That m&fer, said I couldn't do it? Skrew you , bud, I shall NOT faulter! My children, are so VERY proud of me, and we stem, towards a REAL plateu' of realizations/acceptance/HUMILITY! For the first time , in my life, I CAN go peaceably! I have no shames left! A bit of idiocy, but...

           Through the Web, I have been introduced, to a few , righteous people. There, are some, whom, haven't even, heard of my existance! Yet, they respond to my world-wide sends, as if I were something special. For, 2 many years , I simply thought I was a YUTZ! For REAL, fer real, I certainly acted as such! Still, a friend sent me this send, which states, "For those, who think GOD has NO use for you." It, was actually, a joke, however, it made wholesome truth!  There IS, H-O-P-E, for us ALL! The LORD, don't make no junk! For Goodness sake, if we were all spectacular, why would HE have sent His Only begotten Son, to SAVE us from the materialistic crap, we allow to corrupt us?

            NOPE!- I'm not trying to jam Religion down Yer throat! However, what I AM professing, is that I, "AM," living proof, that the Hope of Spirituality, IS reachable!!!!!!!!!!!! It's, to me, kinda -sorta , like the Indian recollect! One does NOT take, UNless, one has reservations, to do all in ones strength, to give BACK.NOTHING, comes easy, nor, for free!!!!!!!Ya put Yer ass/heart and soul, into anything...........Yer gonna git something{especially if one doesn't require,} something Amazing, back! Your reflection, will speak wonders to you.

             As you WELL know... I have said Asta Manianna', to my Daddy. It still buggs me out! However, for however I , long, I spent , driving him NUTS!- I am on the cusp, of making him, finally , realise, I'm a friggin' tripp, and , I have more strength in me little finger, than-SOME, have , in their WHOLE bodies. I had it , all along. I , just didn't know it. Now, doNOT allow yourself to feel I am tooting me horn, like all Git out! I am NOT! But- for WAY to long, I succumbed to shit, I didn't deserve! THEN- I placed a heapnig spoonfull, of my own , on me.I figured, Best I cream myself, afore I give YOU the chance to.You, THINK, you can burry me? I got Ya BEAT!

          O.K., the wind has left my sails. THIS, was devistating , for me, and I'm REAL glad I spilt it!However, at this point, I am emotionally exhausted, and I require a break. Peace OUT...


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