Friday, November 3, 2006

It's history, Repeating itself...

It's , almost ironic. Megan, has developed , some kind of insatiable bug, that is ripping her to shreds. Megan, is my youngest, daughter. She, is also , equipped with a shunt, due to her Daddys' manhandling , at 34 months of incubation, within me. She was enduced, for birth, and the path she travled, was SO turmultuous, she blocked her fontanelle, and, in order to drain her brain fluids, without, exploding her head, allows her to drain these excess fluids, through a rubber tube, surgically placed in her skull. and , traveling down her inners, reaching her tummy, wrapping up, some 24 ft., so as to dispurse the excess fluids, that she can release, during her excrament , as she urinates!

                  There are certain signs of it's failure, some, being, lethargecy/head-aches, / vomiting, Etc.! She, in the past few days, have displayed ALL of 'em. However, I have been told, there is a virus, running amuck, that show the same signs.

         Me, like a jerk, called her dad, to alert him, and {NOT that I'd have enjoyed his presence,} told him wazzup, and she begged him to come and console her.  His response, was, "Ya got my cell #, if it gets worse, call me, and I'll git a ride!"

           Am I a REAL imbosile? I, am sure, she will make a resound recovery...........BUT- WHAT kinda man?, would pose such a careless sense of parental xare, as that? All she wished, is for him to be by her side! THIS- was going to put a wrench in his jollies. He's lucky, he didn't wish to arrive, for, i'D HAVE PUNCHED HIM DEAD IN THE FACE.

          For anyone, whom chooses to read this... PLEASE- allow this to be a sight for you, that, IF- anything like this , creeps up , upon you and those , whom you supposidly CARE for, - PLEASE. doNOT burry yer face/heart, away from those you helped create. "IF," someone, has done this to you, NO NEED, to keep the evil going! You may break the soundboard, at ANY time you choose! ALTER the BAD habits. PLEASE-

               Megan , IS going to be fine!GOD, isn't through with her YET! And- I am NOT going to leave her ass to flail in Da wind! Had it done to me, NOW- it's MY turn, to REdirect the tables! Alan Leigh Dennis.............I can ONLY hope, your eyes, FINALLY , come to form, of the heart HE gave you. You, use it, when it's MOST convenient,otherwise, yeran ASSHOLE! May God have pity , for a soul, withso much turmult, and give you 1/2 a chance. Alan, yer pathetic!

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