Saturday, December 2, 2006

Yer going to have to pick Yer own!

Well, Grace cutt off! The Rolling Stones, have replaced her! I, was NOT in the frame to be braisen! BUT- I am. Not comletely , though. It's The Christmas holiday time. I, can't even pay bills, let , alone surmise gift payments:(. It's cool, though. Christmas, is NOT about, whom can work/eat all day, simply to , grab a sleeping bag, just to camp out for Black Friday??! I, am getting the impression, that it's NOT about the kids, anylonger. It's appearing , to me, like the Parental units, are in competiotion, of whom can OUT-but/provide, gifts of , More stature, than the OTHER parental unit, can!

        Did "U<" get a "WII?" OR- an X-box? I, know of a family, whom PAID for another , Japanees Family, to become American, just , so that, they could obtain, a WII! Boys and girls, what the fuck are we thinking??????????

            Do, you recall, the turmoil, afore CHRISTmas, where , TWO women, whent HEAD-to-HEAD over a Cabbage Patch DOLL????  Have you been consuming?

             Allow me to be a bit , MORE, precise. BREAK! "Elvis Costello!""Puppy Luv!".......Have Mercy, I needed that. Bottom line, where is the love? Whoops- I'm on a roll!

                   Purrrrrrhaps, it's , because, I ain't got a tree!m I have ALL these ormanents, and only a cat to hang 'em on. He, will NOT be pleased! Another aspect of my saucyness, is, it's me first Holiday , without me Daddy.For REAL, fer real, my heart goes OUT to him! It's a bitch...trying to measure up to the others, to obtain the way-coolest SHIT, fer Yer kid...on a fixed budget. The, little buggerboos, go , BACK to school, to, COMPAIRE! The buggers!

             However- I don't give a FLYING fig-neuton, what the fuck, they got, or- didn't!It , is NOT the reason, for THE season! I am certain, THIS, is why, there are SOOOOOooooooooooooo many credit card assemblies, promising, they can make the phone calls , S-T-O-P! I'm not sure , how YOU handle it....but, I'm at the point , of allowing the cat, to answer the phlippin' phone.He just , says meeeeeew, and they hang UP!

                 On a different topic... I'm, NOT, as fantastic, as I'd like to be! I, recently, lost my Best Friend/Daddy. I, was under the impression, I had it going on, and , a Bag of chips. I'm a jerk, for , even fathoming it!N-O-P-E, I, haven't begun a regimine of drug use!! I, gave that crap up, a LONG time ago! Yet- I wish to tell, SOMEONE, this shit ain't easy!

            I, am a single parent, of, TWO- Beautiful young women.BESIDES, I was a real POOP, for most of my existance!! I, for2long, felt, the Universe, owed me SOMEthing! How, could it NOT? I, didn't ask to come into this bullshit!OR- so I thought. Fact of the matter, IS- I can't remember, , ANYthing, afore the time that Marylin, made me last 45 mins, while she slept, and MANDATED me to watch, "Bewitched," twice, as Charles, my Dad, went to work! That horrendouse BITCH, came in, removed me from that horrendous crib/jail cell...,and would , NOT allow me to perspire. I was , WHAT, 2??????She, passed on...June 26th! I, have given it my FUCKING-BEST, to be Christian, about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today... I looked up , toward GOD, and Screamed , "I , owe you nothing!" "You, selfish, selfcentered assholian, that was MOST concerned with what the fucking TAG replied, KISS my ass!"

           PLEAZe , allow me to share something with you. NOT, ONLY, was I not permitted to sweat! But, all the orchestrations , I brought home with childish delight... were NEVER hung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They musta been tossed, somewhere! Cuz, "I," never saw 'em , again! They Clashed with the Van Gohe-or, however Ya spell that ARTIST's name.

                  The , Funky thang about it, IS- ...I, am an Artist!So- Vincent, didn't lose his EAR, 4 nothing!When, I went to Prison....truth be told- "I," was the stupid witch, that issued other women , to obtain , their G.E.Ds'! I, helped, teach them to read-to do math, which I despise!-and SPELL- which I ROCK at. My Daddy, was SOOOOO proud, he could have plopped! This putz, couldn't have given a crap!

         At, ONE point, of my existance, I went on the road, with a BAND, as a roadie. On the NIGHT of MY Birthday, I called home. I, said Het Mom., it's my 22 B-Day! She, said, "no it's NOT!" "I, should know!"     "Yer a flaming asshole!", I replied. My Daddy, didn't remember, either!

            So- Ya see where my imbosilic RAGE, stemed from?

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