Sunday, November 5, 2006

I. am glistening shock!

As Fall , sets in, and winter peers out, I have come to have an additional cherub, in our midst, this weekend. There is a task, I , help to provide, whenever I can, {lots}, where I orchestrate Christmas bags, by drawing on 'em, for the prisoners in the Lackwanna  County Jail. These bags, are given to Human beings, at a point, where, too, much, means shit.  They are filled with desireable snacks/shampoos/socks/paper, pens, ETC.! The outside of the bags, are enscribed with delightful, promising drawings/statements... of the artistic kind.

         In having , all these cherubs , at my reach, I asked 'em, IF, they'd like to help me with something Special?! A resounding , "YES," is , at the Least, what I got! I have these Babes, STILL, drawing/statement etching, their hearts wonders, for someone else, but themselves! Talk about, "Outta the mouths of Babes!" Don't THINK, I'm not graspning at the ability, to cook 'em a sound meal from love! By the Hand of GOD, I have all I which to do so.

         I have my times of certain distress/wallows, ETC., but- today, I have more pleasures in the happenings, as well as, my desire to paint them, than, I have ever had! NOPE!, I'm NOT perfect! MUCH work, still needs be done! However, my Daddy, can, in ANY way, be peeved at me. OH!- I'm sure there a few pepper curnels he WILL pick outta fly poop! BUT-, for the most part...I- - - am helping him to smile! I scared the plop outta him, 4 2 long! It's MY turn, to give back a bit! NOT, ONLY 4 him! This time, it's for everyone. May the circle of life , NOT begin-nor end with me. It IS so much more than such plop.

         Nope, I'm NOT trying to illumilight me own status! BUT- there is nothing, flippin wrong, with a person, finally , figuring OUT- that they are NOT a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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