Sunday, November 19, 2006

I, am at a fallsafe!

I, have been robbed of this excellent aparition of sentiment. I, was relying on it, like no bodies buisness! My monitor, collapsed! However- I have found a colourless replacement for it. HEY!- at least I can access my way of expression!

         I am GLADDENED, to have me waves beneathe me, once again. It is that time of year. Thanks Giving! This, past year, I have lost , me Daddy, and his witch. This Witch, I tried, desperately, to have find me worthy of loving! Awe, what the fluck! She, couldn't even dig , herself, let alone, me! I, USED to do some serious drug activity. However, I have two, beautiful daughters, now, and they have been placed in my care. I'll be darned, if I'm going to skrew 'em up, like Marilynn, did to me!!!!!!!!!!

          Peoples, I don't have much! BUT- -I've got WAY more than MaRILYNN , ever had!Mrs. Gerchov, had nothing butt- a whole bunch of hatred/and angers, to play on anyone, whom would succunb to listen!I. shall NOT, reentry that kind of lunacy, to MY Babes!

               Allow me to explaine. Last Friday night, I was told by their dad, he wished to have them for , YET, another weekend!I, am Blonde, yet- only dye it THAT coloure.Come Friday. . . . ."daddy, when shal we come?", was Ashleys' question. " I said NEXT weekend!" was his response. Yet, again, he faultered. However!, we had THE most delectable Friday night, I feel, there ever was! We , were allowed, to have THREE other Cherubs, spend the night, baked Bananna Bread/Fudge/Peanut butter/Caramel Brownies, AND played countless bouts of Charades! YES, Dearest peoples...THIS, to me/they, was a reputable memory, that cannot be corralled!This mother, lost his judgement day!

            I MUST say. . . . he, actually, didn't loose. I, am skirving too close to my own death. At night, I require medicines, to allow me to sleep, withOUT hearing my lungs , wheeeeeeeze, let alone, shut down. As well as, at work, I take breaks, to permit me to catch me breath.You ask. . . . WHY?, Well, lemme tell ya! I was a royal imbosile, when I was younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I , allowed myself to do these drugs, that. AT THE TIME, appeared to do nothing! 'Cept, relieve me of reality.The , simple fact, that I escaped dire MURDER, is, alone, a feat! THE fucker of it all- - - - as I have located a sound reality of a reason to progress. . . . I, have come to find... I am quite sure, I am incapeable of susutaining. Ain't life a bitch?!

              I, have come FULL-THROTTLE, to, where, I have EARNED a chance to be someone prominent! And, since I have FINALLY found this resevouire, I haven't the allotted space, in which to fullfill it??!! I, finally, figured something fan-fuckinm-tastic, and my time has been cut short??!!

              Ya know, I've been scribing to Ya, fer more than a moment.he fucker , IS, I ain'y got , that many more. NOPE!- Doctors have NOT made the registered prognosis. I'm not THAT stupid! Yeah!- I cannot take the time to git-r-done at the facility!!!!!!!!!!!!!- =- - - =- BUT- - -  when one canNOT breathe', . . . . . need I say MORE?

          THE coolest part of it, IS- I have been alotted ENOUGH time, to minister to my Children.  These young women, will NOT forget, what I stood for!They, ARE- already Gittin'-R-Done!There, IS- a statement! "IF," you donot stand for something/ you will fall for it ALL!      MY Babies, shjall NOY faulter!

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