Thursday, August 30, 2007

Murder, she wrote

I sit here, 1/2 dressed, BECAUSE, it's HUMID as Patties' Pigs! Yet, I'd like to say sumpthin! I / We, do NOT have an 'airconditioner!' WE- have 2 fans!! We HAD , more, but the dad of My Children, whom , makes MORE $$ than Most- MOVED, the begining of the Year, and was Roasting?!! SOoooooo, assholian, that I can be, GAVE him our others.Talk about Yer BLEEDING heart!

             "Don't stop, Wigger HIT it!" I'm not supposed to use the "N," word, SO- I put my ASS into it! It boggles me. FIRST of ALL, The "n" thingy, in the Dictionary, MEANS- "a pile of sticks?!!" SECOND of ALL, They call THEMSELVES THAT! "yO, dogg /nIGGA?!" Ya feel me?!!

            I have , SUMPTHIN to say! I, am NOT lookin' forward to 'Winter!' They SAY, THIS one's gonna be a Whopper!' SINCE, I canNOT Drive, this ones gonna go down in MY History! I, That The LORD, EVEN though my leg  IS made of Metal, I, SHALL trudge, 2 provide 4 MY Girls! YET- I AM sumwhat ASHAMED, for I Chose him, as my eternal companion??! THOUGHT, I was wiser than THAT!


         You DON'T Know me! ALL you can do, is form opinions, from what I have written.However- I ONLY write, what IS True. I, have lied to myself, 4 , WAY, 2, LONG! Sincerely- I'm JUST, NOT in the MOOD to pose a fuckin' FAKE, THIS day! This IS Me, and if you don't appreciate me, GO-, Jack off in your OWN back yard, and fe How YOUR seeter Peels.Chuck you Farley, and your whole , fam damly, go into your OWN jack Yard, and see how YOUR feeter Peels, you ain't too MUCKIN' Futch anyhow.!Do NOT forget to back OFF! "In your Dreams, it's NOT as Hard as it appears!" "It's HIT, or MISS, it's ALL, or Nothing!" I'm still wiping away my tears...You HAVE to WIN yourself!! It's ALL, or NOTHING!-

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