Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm in the midst of a Trauma ;)-

I, am trippin' on pure air. It's 2:26 A.M., and I can't sleep! I, just got to be able to spend a splediphorous evening with a delightful man, whom, treated me with gentlemaness!!!!!!!!!!! We spoke, giggled, and watched some flickage, that was lost and found , from my past. He didn't flinch, nor, did he have quams about the selection. WHOA!

         "Crosby, Stills and Nash," are playing , now, and I am qvelling in a mental nirvana. "N-O-P-E!" NO sex was required. He seems to appreciate me, for ME??!I, like, am SO, NOT , used to this type of behavior.  However, it is Quite DElightful!

         This entry, is gonna be short. {I think }! SOOOOooooo MUCH, has transpired this week, I'm , not really sure where, me head is at?!! My Beloved Stormie, has passed on. My friends, are in dilemnas of their own, and, I'm QUITE convinced, my Daddy, is HERE!

          My DEAR, Friend , Anna Young, who has been dilligent in trying to orchestrate a H-O-U-S-E, that can be inhabited by WOMEN, whom are fresh outta jail, @ Here. She hooked one up, once before, but the women there, turned it into a sexual drug palace??.

        When 'I,' was FRESH outta jail, MOST of those, whom were close to release, ONLY wished for sex, drugs, and whatNOT!  PERSONNALLY, all I wished 4, was a B-A-T-H, to sit beside a running stream, and have a chance to blossom! I, simply wished for FREEDOM. I asked for a chance to breathe my OWN air. HEY- I'm odd, and those who KNOW me, forsomereason, say, 'I am refreshing and exhillerating to their lives?!'

        Most of my life, I have tried to find a mold to fit into. These days, I am cool, with chillin' with me OWN mold. PLEASE- I am NOT sayin' I'm the bomb!!!!!!!!! It's just, for me, hard enough being me, lest I attempt to reconstruct me! I don't appreciate , UNneccessary acne.

         I, spose I should lay me body down. I, Thank you, for being there, for me to vent. Peace Be Unto...

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