Monday, August 13, 2007

Glad for Magical happenings;)

 WizardHello ALL.A few months ago, I rehashed a Dear friendship, with an old friend, Melissa.She has come full circle with her life. She has two boys, AND two boyfriends??!  THIS, I pray she makes the right decision on, for the one, whom is her youngest sons' Daddy, is a nice boy, BUT- they split from one another, for a few reasons, which , I fear, will resurface, down the road. He cheated on her 17 times, and , when her son was born, with ODD /ADDs, he split again, only to have her Find the man, she's with now for, FOUR years, whom cared as a REAL Daddy, to her Children and her! Lemme give you an example. Yesterday, after a Magical day of pool and nature walking, he was VERY upset to find he had to ride in the truck, going home. Mattie, got him home, gave him a hair cut, and then took him for an ICECREAM! THIS, is the type of care he shows these Children, whom, to be quite Honest with you, can bring ANYONE to lividness and exhaustion! From time to time, I HAVE to take a break from them!THAT, is the nicest way I can put it.

         PLEASE, don't get me wrong, I appreciate Chris, but his track record is lousy!! I am simply NOT convinced, he can handle, NOR, understands the magnatude of what lies ahead, SO- WHAT WILL, my Melissa do, when he turns tail and jets????????

      Mattie, is Mattie! His demeanor is somewhat Stonecold and ,at times, emotionless.However, I witnessed DEEP emotion, as I observed the Horrible pain in his eyes, as , whilst we were poolside, he watched Melissa and the boys, FLOCK to Chris and his Uncle. His Dad, Bobbie, and myself, literaly got out to sit by him, while Ya-Ya, {thats' Melissas' nick-name }just disregarded him, like it was nothing. I, also, know that for 4 years, he has stood by she and the boys, THICK and thin! He has a sound job, jumps at her every request, and was tried and true, No bedbouncing, if Ya catch my drift. AND, I realise, she has ALWAYS been IN love with Chris! She Does LOVE Mattie, but isn't IN love with him. STILL, 2 me, Ya don't burn a true person, just because the spark came back. I , also, feel, she, AND THE KIDS, Will be devestated, when Chris pulls one of his disappearing acts again.

                However, on the lighter side of Doonsberry, MY Girls and I, spent the entire weekend with ALL of 'em, AND- and it Was a HOOT;)-  I cannot recall , when, I have laughed like that! We all participated in card games, cooking, 'GIGGLING,' everything. Total Magical enjoyment!We then topped it off, with swimming and a Wonderful Nature Hike! Personally, I adore Nature, and she enabled me to see ALL the NEW renovations to 'Nay Aug Park,' where I spent most of The most enjoyable years of my life. YEP! I got weepie , on the way home, for it was Magically SPECIAL 2 me.I recalled floggs of memories, and I was able to share this, with my best friend, and a nice man, Matties Dad, who has loads of his OWN 'Nay Aug Memories.' That would be Bob. He appears to like me. AND, it's been a LONG time, 4 me, to have a gentleman, be concerned enough, as we climbed around a bit, to take my hand, so as to be sure I didn't crash and burn.He is a year older than I , and , it seems my Children think he's nifty, too! I AM takin' this one slow! I told him, enough of this kind of talk, { he said something a little raw 2 me } 'You, Sir, haven't even taken me on a date, yet!' 'I am a proper , Christian woman, and I deserve some flowers and a Movie;)-' AWE, We shall SEE, WHAT we shall see. He  even called me , last night, to say what a nice time he had, and to remind my Girls, to be CAREFUL OF THE RIDES, today, when they go to 'Knobles.' I, personally, found it sweet, and so did they.

           You see, I'm becoming older.I have seen / learned some thimgs, Melissa hasn't , just of yet.This is why, BESIDES, I CARE ABOUT HER, that I took the initiative, to say to she and Chris, a bit of what I felt. FEEL ME , on this one. No matter what she decides, I AM her friend and will stand beside her, through everything!No Matter What!! I Pray, she knows that.

                         I , also PRAY, the Girls take me with them , in Spirit, when they ride the SKLOOSHE'! It's our FAVE RIDE, at 'Knobles.' I, cannot go with them, for there isn't room, and , besides, this outing, is their B-Day gift, from their Aunt Tracy. It's all good, for I get to care for Melissas' Children, while she tends to some lunacy, started by her sister . It's GOOD, to give back , to a person of ones heart. TTYL ;)-  x0x0x0x0


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