Thursday, August 30, 2007

Simply, a bunch of my mind and soul.

 Virgo'tis a morning, and I am livid! I broke! I called Alan, last night. I DID my BEST, to attempt being cordial, but he's a scum bag! I asked him, "WHY, do you show NO care 4 OUR Children?" His response was, "I don't need to hear your mouth!"

Lemme tell you, I don't EVER wish to speak to him, AGAIN! However, I'm sick and fucking tired, that he THINKS, $111.23 a week, is ALL these cherubs require??!!!  The son of a gun, makes $13.00 per hr.! Hows' about, "Hey- how did your 1st day at school go?" Is there anything  Yas NEED?"   "Have I told Yas' lately, that I love youse!"  They get fucking NOTHING!  'NO,' I do NOT wish him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT- he's scorning THEM, and the SADDEST part, IS- THEY, have NO, desire to give a shit about him. He's pissed off, because I have , ' for what he says, ' NOTHING! However, they haven't been as happy , in YEARS, as they R NOW!  The twerp didn't EVEN ask to speak with them, afore he hung up!! Peoples, I watch the emotion, in their eyes, and , they can't POSSIBLY understand, why their DADDY, doesn't give a shit.

              I had a mishap, 2 years ago, and I HAD to be away for , 4 months. he, stayed with them:(. The house looked like PIGS resided! They had NO friends. They, were destitute. I, am NOT purrrrrrfect! Yet, they have GOOD friends! TODAY. They have a sound regimine, that they CAN follow. I rob Peter, to pay Paul, but , through GODS' Grace, we have , pretty much, all that is nifty. I've , even been told, their TEACHERS are WAY , cool! It's the second day of School, and they allowed me to help wrap their books, as designated by the School. { I stink at wrapping ;)} they look GREAT! GOD, is SO good! Actually, at The Y.M.C.A., Mr. Johnathan, said to me," WHOA!- they lost weight and look Great! " JUST , between you & me, I feed them PROPERLY. When I came HOME, the fridge was EMPTY, 'cept for "Wendys Bags!" A long time , ago, I was a rapscallion! NO, proper Parent, would EVEN wish to speak with me, LET ALONE, allow their Child, to grace our domain! TODAY, despite my colourful persona, MANY Parents, somewhat dig me??!!! They have NO prob- allowing their Child, to stay with us! I, am providing, for my Children, a sound and reputable station of acceptance and a household! Thank You, JESUS!

           Alan , seems to think, that, there is NO other responsibilities, other than work and the bar??! My heart aches, for, there ARE!!!!!!!!!!! And, let me tell you THIS! This year at School, is GOING to be The Bomb! I intend to WORK WITH these Beutiful Cherubs, Hook, Line and Sinker! WE, r- GOING to ACE this bad boy! WE- are GOING to Rise above the CRAP that runs TOO , free, in our world, these days! My Parent, just didn't have the time, and - SENT me away, to figure it ALL out, by myself:(. With GODS Grace, I shall NOT repeat that scenario!

              I have a Friend, named Melissa. She has two, Beautiful Boys!  Truth be Told, they both, are riddled with A.D.H.D, O.D.D., ETC>! My daughters, USED to call her 'Sleepy!' She-  -  -  IS NOT sleepy, any longer! The woman has MORE , flippin' appointments, than you could shake a stick at!!!!!!!!!! I , observe her, dealing with MANY , other dilemnas, as well. Darn it, if she doesn't KICK ASS! YEP- she's a WHOLE nut! Yet, she seems to catapult beyond, { in MY opinion, By THE Grace of GOD !} and come out of  HER dilemnas with a purpous and a significant , resound ending! SEE- THIS, is why, Alan can't STAND me! I'm working on/ From the same Graces!

                   Due to my imbosilics, I have NO car, NOR do I have a license. PLEASE, don't drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, ASKED 4 a horse and Buggie, but they said , "NO!" They would prefer IF, I'd PAY them $1.876,99, to have a blowjob tube, installed on my VEhickle?! "LIKE I CAN'TGIT A PASSER BY, TO GIVE MY CAR A BLOWJOB??!!!"  MAKES, no sense! I did 4 months, away from me Babes, and have fines up me butt?!!!!!!!!! NOW- Ya wish me to Blow Up me car?

                          "Ya know, I can FEEL / SEE , Yas shakin' Yer heads, as Yer takin' a turd!" THANK you! Purrrrrrrhaps, 'BEEN there, Done That!"

                I witness, one or two, TRYING to take it back! IT, irks me, to be able to REALISE, that, at times, it JUST, ain't LOOKIN' like its worth it! I GIVE you my WORD! "It IS!" TODAY, Can BE, the 1st Day, of THE , rest of your LIFE!" Think about it. Alan , THOUGHT, he Could squish me?!! N-O-T happening! Me boobies may be slight, BUT- me HEART is resound, and I ain't goin' down EASY. "I,", a-n-d, YOU, ARE...Worth IT! FUCK the parental units and what they have said or done. FUCK, the assholians, Yer chillin' with, they ain't got shit , within YOUR parade! THIS life, is YOURS! As well as, THIS one, IS mine! Yep!, stuff gits sticky, once in a while!!!!!!! Whoop-Dee-Dee!, I'll git through it, and the JERKS, will have NOTHING to do with MY, progression!OHMYGOODNESS, I'm GOING to feel VERY well about ME!

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buggieboo1 said...

I know the feeling about the ex and being livid! my ex seems to think his new family comes first! forget the family he started 18 yrs ago the right way,engaged, marriage , babies! his new family started before he even left his first family!
I asked him to help with school shopping I got a BIG NO! I asked him for money for food another BIG NO!!!!!!!!!  Brittany asked him for lunch money at school, she had to earn it! I can see earning money for a car BUT food????  man  can be asses! My oldest isn't to happy with him lately. Some day (maybe) they will regret it... when they are old and grey and alone in a nursing home!

make it a great day!