Monday, August 6, 2007

As the world keeps turning...

I got a call, from a Dear Friend, today. She told me, the man whom had Fathered her Children, three days ago, was found dead, due to sleeping pills and alcohol. She is , DEVISTATED. On Top of that, 1 and a 1/2, she split with her other partner of, @ 2 years.

          Right before that, I get a send on My Space, from a 12 yr. old, {bullshit, it was his Mom, using his pic! } threatening me, and cursing her , own sister, 4, she does drugs and LIVES to Lead imbosiles with NO spine, down the Downward Spiral.

               YET- the day, ended on a delightful note, for MY daughters, paraded on a float, through 'Dunmore," allotted to "D.A.R.E!" { Drug , Alcohol, Resistance, Education.} Run by a wonderful Srgnt, Springer. THIS, is , formulated, to assist youths , to TEACH them, what NOT to do, so they don't end up , like 2 many of their elders.

             Me Babes, are sleeping in the coolest of climate, possible, {TENT } in our yard. And I, am baking in here, to write my thoughts. "It's ALL good! " Wish 2 KNOW why?  Lemme tell Yas. I , USED to be a drug abuser. As a matter of fact, I paralized, my 6 mo. old son, due to driving drunk! I used 2 shoot a mess of cocaine, Meth, sniffed heroine, and HUFFED glue. I USED to say / think, I'm not hurting anyone but myself, and what the fuck do you care 4?!! Thank The Angels, I DO NOT, feel like that , today.

           I shant fib 2 U, I still drink beer. I, do NOT drive, and I do NOT get drunk , every Thurs., Sat., or ANY day! I have a life, and I am my Childrens Mommie. Fuck it, I am CARLY, and I am WORTH , Much more than a slobbering existance.

          In the accident, that claimed my leg / boyfriend / Sons LEGS, REALITY, hit HOME, and , someHOW, I grew MORE.  continue to LEARN, I am worthy, of BEING THERE, being reliable,claiming WORTH, to ,not only others, but, ME 2!!     ----"Harvest Moon" -- - - "Come a little bit closer, hear, what I have to say." I have found, that, just because, MY heart ached, I had NO reason, to shut it OFF, so, "I "could NOT EVEN HEAR IT! How could I EVEN THINK, of being able to identify, what I was feeling, learning, cascading?!

         NO ONE, said , "ANYthing GOOD, cums Easy!" Pardon, but I was told the EXACT Opposite!

          For the person, whom threatened me, hiding behind her 12 yr. old sons pic- magic , or NO magic, I wouldn't break a nail on you! Either Grow UP, or get OFF the stupid ride. Yer pathetic, OH!- I'm sorry, you already KNEW THAT!

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