Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So many , different turns, so many opportunities...

...So many altercations are taking place in my life!

        Since I began working, my Section 8, has been raised $168.00,  my food stamps have been taken, away, and I was dropped to TWO days a week, due to being a single Mother, and needing days off, to care for my children.

            Thank GOD, my caseworker , at Welfare, told me, "Can the job!"  "I shall put your assist, back , the way it was!"

            Now, I really enjoyed this job!! My Co-workers, are as colourful as I am! PLUS, the feeling of productivity, on my part, was DElightful. I, wasn't qite diggin' to give that up. However, I am able to give MORE , NEEDED attention, to my girls, and I am going to pursue a task of stuffing envelopes/ and writing things for an office, to be sent out, as I am going to be , well paid for! I , then, shall be there for my beautiful daughters, and will be making  the needed funds, we require, as well.

             As I went up, WITH my uniforms, FACE @ FACE- to explaine my predicament to the head manager, he coaxed me to keep the uniforms, for he'd rather see me, as , Possibly, one day, coming back, once my feet got better on the ground. I put it to him, that , "I was a part of a dynamic TEAM, and since I had to call OFF, periodically, I was throwing a cogg into a smoothe running bunch, and I felt it wasn't , quite fair." He said, I was one of, THE BEST WORKERS, HE'S HAD IN A BIT, AND i'D BE MISSED."So, would I please keep the doors open for us , both?! "WHOA!" Women and Gentleman, I did WELL! I thanked him, and we shook hands. Doors, were left OPEN!

            Much of my life, when something , ended, it did it with a deafening crash. Yo!, I still have rough edges to buff! But , Hallelluia, I'm gittin' better, as time goes by. I, walked out on cloud 9!

          Today- I will go and pick up Megans' new glasses, get to the store for needs, and have a meeting with her teacher, that, { before I enter, I shall pray for a curbed tongue.} And, BE THERE for my family! How nifty is THAT?!!

           When a door , closes, Another one opens, when I let it!


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