Monday, February 12, 2007

The Beautiful Woman, has , JUST -about HAD IT!

Daddy, would have made a promise to the sqirm, IF- I'd go in the right direction. Lemme tell Yas , THIS- I ain't doin' TOO badly, BUT- me body is crashing, and my mind, is getting PISSED OFF! I'm sick and fucking tired of certain things! Megan, has lost her eye glasses, I, now, have to call OFF of work, that we NEED, MOST dignifiably! Ashley, just wishes me to fuel her entertainment, and I wish to flatten her- - - - - - - BUT- I WILL NOT! And , their Dad, is a pissant!!

        Let's git honest, here. NOPE- I didn't speak of it!! However, I'm , most likely, going to  lose me leg, my LIVER, is on the outs, and I'm fucking IRKED, for me job, isn't done , YET! AS WELL, I got gonads, and I had begun, my TEETH removal, for, they're dismembering, as we speak. YEAH- thought a better smile, would do the trick. I MUST, be HONEST- the pain killers mattered LEAST! At last!! Skrew Vicoden!! The shit , wears off. Besides, I don't dig drugs, at ALL!

           Quite frankly, the more PAIN, the Better, I do! It, amazes me, as , how , someone can adhere, to a substantial ache, in, order to move forwrd.

          For The Children and Youth, you've been breathing down me back, for, WAY, TOO long! I, TOLD you... I keep a SOUND logg! Think I was messin' wicha? Yer the DAFT one! With ALL the metro functions, available, Ya'd think you'd have a BETTER Clue?!!

                 As, I AM, going to begin my regimine of medical transfer, GOD help me...for my children, Mommie, is , In NO way, a fool! I gave it me BEST shot, and , since you've seen what aches can do, do with it what you WILL! You, watched , with child like abandon, and DIDN'T understand. I stand by you!!!!!!!! EVEN, only IF- I fall short of dancing with you, I'm STILL THERE!! I , always will be! Marilyn, Papas' wife, wasn't concerned with me, THAT much.  BUT- I am, 4 YOU! All, that I have collected, is with you, and I have placed a WILL- stating so.

        I , write this, for , I FEEL! And, I have EVERY right to. These Babes, are substantial! AND- they have ALL RIGHTS to all, I have left, behind! Whom EVER/GAIL, reads this, leave this ALL to "Them." Take the rest, and do with it, what you wish:) The pictures, ARE insatiable.    Thank You...

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