Monday, February 26, 2007

Just , a mere vent.

This additive, will have NO structure, what so ever.I, simply feel like sharing!

        There , have been, a few things, pronouncing themselves, within my life. ONE of them, IS- I feel the Welfare system, whom has helped my family, and IGREATLY, has shown it's TRUE coloures.  I, secured a job, WHERE, I , actually FIT in! I, don't mind saying, I did a Darn, Good job! However, since I obtained this role of employment, they pulled ALL rugs, from beneath me feet, cut me "Foodstamps," to Smitherines, as well as, the Section 8, I depended upon, RAISED our rent $100.00!

         As GOD as my witness... I have , few problems, to , WORK! Yet, my body,  { MY fault  }  can, only, do so much! Ya'd THINK- since , I was attempting to put up with the excrushiating pain, they'd , at LEAST, back me up?!  NOPE!-

             NEXT, since the passing, of my beloved, Daddy...i , FIND , THAT MY SON, whom is paralized from his 6 mo. Bithday, and, whom is now, attempting , rounding 17 Yrs., to keep on living, is , simply awaiting his death?!

             Zakkary Tylers' Dad, has come home,  { whereever  } to roost, and I wasn't  awarded the ability, nor time, to allot this information, to him. JUST, being OUT of  a LINE of prison terms, "What does / HOW does one , unleash THAT sort of information to them?? Geepers, it , was BAD enough, that I corralled him, into knowing i wished to ravage him, and take him for our OWN.

                     Silly ME- I Thought, since he has SEEN the other side, he'd JUMP, at the chance, to envelope himself, into a family fold, of PURE care and nurture??!!!!! "IT," doesn't work , that way.

                       I, shall WARN , you- NOW- , I AM exhausted.  I'm , just, sick, AND f__ng TIRED, of keeping all this mess, within', afore I hit Da Sheets! My minds Eye, goes, berserk, and I wind up, trying to pice , together, the messages, which ravage my sleeping mind. Darn IT- I , wouldn't WISH these segments, on a NASTY person!

               In, admission, of my exaustion, I, attempted to , unleash some pent, up stuff, on the pool table, of "Pogo."      NO, Sooner, did I git on, that some pathetic , sexual scoundrel, attempt to spank me , where it counts??! I, simply, closed the playground, and promised to pray 4 him! DA, Cool part , IS- it made him SOOOOOooooooooooooooo peeved, I , just HAD to giggle!@

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