Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here I go, again!

It, has , become, a new realm, of liturgist. A, new found sentiment, of my life. I, am to, how, I am supposed to react?! The Fact, IS- that , I am begining- - - -AGAIN! What is this, the 43rd TIME?! 

            It's mezmirizing me, as to, how in the fuck, do I go ON?   I , am begining to feel like a serpant. I, seem to continue to shed layers, in, which, to progress! I, don't mind saying, it's begining to get a bit creepy!!

             I, would, also, dig to know, what the blast is up with this?!! Each, and every time , I git a bit stronger, the world, takes this moutanous turn, in order to land me on my ass, STILL, expecting, me to further??!

             PLEASE, don't git me wromg...I still have this obtuse ability, to REthrow, the curve balls. However, I'm getting , older, and  {  best of my knowledge  } INcapeable to toss 'em round. Allow me to , better form my thought.

        At a VERY young age...I observed, a WHOLE lot of , stuff. I, then, chose to use this VIRTUAL information, to , practically , desyroy myself! These days, I have chosen, to attempt, to REACH , into a different aura. PERIODICALLY, it's doing , quite well. YET- there are these , what does one name them...altercations??! That FREAK the FUCK, outta me!

                This day, I mae myself, able to partake in a teacher/parent conversation. I, passed by my Daddys' grave, although , it was closed, due to the surmount of snow.  I held NOTHING back, and hollered, from the road, "PLEASE, Daddy, guide my tone!"              He, did!           I, arrived at the confrence, and, conducted myself, QUITE proper. At the end of the session, I, quaintly made myself , heard, as well DID the teacher! We, clasped hands, with tear filled eyes, and made a phenominal pact! This, is NOT, about US! IT, is about , Megan!! Children, can play a profound clasp.They are, QUITE capable, of REconstructing auras, to babybumper, their stigmas! THEN. they wish OTHERS, to clean UP!

           Thank GOODNESS, I listened to my Father! For, I , was readied , arned 4 BEAR.. Is, THIS, what they call, Adultness??! I , conducted myself, AMAZED- as a "person."

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